Diversity Not Divisiveness

Since one of the goals of Dear Liberty is to unite America, we feel that it is important for our members to choose to communicate with each other using words and phrases that will help unify us rather than divide us.  We seek communication that will elevate a debate that paves the way for mutual understanding and respect but most of all unity.  We are determined that this must be done to move us forward as a nation on our path to recovery.

So, let’s start right here and now in this unique forum to demonstrate that we reject the name calling and backbiting that is the status quo of today’s Washington.  We want to encourage dialogue that moves us forward to a better America.

We believe that there is honor and dignity in all points of view, so we ask that all of our conversations and comments be dedicated to allowing each individual to maintain their dignity and honor.  While Diversity is welcome; Divisiveness is not.

All opinions are welcome here but we ask that each comment be related directly to the topic above each “Comments” box.

There will be absolutely no tolerance for profanity of any kind. If profanity is used, the entire comment will be permanently deleted from the blog; not just the profanity.

While stating a source is acceptable, printing entire articles from other sources will not be permitted.  These kinds of posts will be permanently deleted from the blog.

Dear Liberty has full discretion over what is considered to be “acceptable posts” and “unacceptable posts” .  We have confidence that our participants know the difference as well, so all “unacceptable posts” will be permanently deleted from the blog with no explanation.  A differing opinion is NOT considered an unacceptable post; a differing opinion is welcomed as an opportunity for growth.

We re not concerned with “Political Correctness” here but racial slurs, overtones or epithets will not be tolerated to the slightest degree simply because they are impolite, discourteous and divisive and these are the things that we are trying to correct, not contribute to.

Any posts that are intended to be demeaning, belittling or harassing will be deleted from the blog at our discretion.

Thank you for your positive contribution toward restoring this republic.

Doug McKee and the Dear Liberty Staff


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