Mission Statement

Dear Liberty is a dynamic new online experiment in Democracy focused on finding Constitutionally grounded solutions, from all political persuasions, for the problems that currently endanger the very nature of our Republic.

Why are we different?  Long past ranting and raving, we intend to identify those specific systemic problems that fuel the disconnect felt by the vast majority of the American People on both the left and on the right.  We seek a Constitutional remedy for the dysfunctional gridlock that has choked Congress into permanent paralysis…and when we finally do, we will work tirelessly to implement Constitutional solutions to those problems.

Dear Liberty takes a bold and deliberate stance against the Progressive Socialist intrusion that has permeated every single level of government and exposes it’s devastating and intrusive opposition to the principles of liberty found in our Constitution.

Dear Liberty is a new website where Americans of all political persuasions can gather together and participate in a civil and courteous forum, where Constitutional solutions to our nations problems will be offered and discussed.

The goals are to bridge the gap between our two major political parties, reunite the American People and stand together against the rabid influence of Progressive Socialism.

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