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The Restoration of America

Dear Liberty;  The Progressive is a misguided, gullible dunce with the political aptitude of a lemming. Progressivism is their  politics if not their religion; it is built upon a platform of foolishness with a limited understanding of human nature; then

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Enough Hope and Change

Dear Liberty; Who was it who decided that we needed to undo everything that our Forefathers set in motion for us? Our Founders had the foresight and the courage to separate this nation from the rest of the world by

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Never Give Up Hope, Even If the Light of Freedom Appears to Fade

Dear Liberty; Please help me spread the word throughout this beautiful republic that hope is not lost and that the love of God and country will never be taken from the hearts of the American People…that someone, very soon, is going to stand up to once

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A Nation Conceived In Liberty

Dear Liberty; By the time that you read this, our nation will already be foundering.  I write to you with the hope that you might fortify the fine people of this republic with the wisdom and insight that you so

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Obama Takes the Pulse of the Media, Not the Nation

Dear Liberty;  As blatantly unconstitutional as the Obama Administration has been, NOTHING has done more damage to this Republic than the irresponsible and subversive misuse of the media.  When will the American people finally learn that the media’s job is to

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Where is Our Red Line In the Sand?

Dear Liberty Americans need to understand that tyranny is very rarely forced upon a people at the tip of a sharp sword but slowly and incrementally, through a promise to relieve the people from specific burdens or fears in exchange

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“What A Glorious Morning This Is”

Dear Liberty; On this Memorial Day, I can’t help but reflect upon that small field in Lexington, Massachusetts where 77 brave Americans made their first and courageous stand against tyranny. Faced off against 250 British soldiers, these men, outnumbered and

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Poor Nevada, They’re Missing A Senator !

Dear Liberty; For some time now, I have had some very serious concerns regarding the direction of our beautiful republic but even more so since having heard the following statement made on the floor of the U.S. Senate. “It is

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Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Dear Liberty; There was never a generation that experienced more freedom, had more money and effected more change for this country than that of the Baby Boomer’s. Their time was an era of extreme growth, both politically and economically. They

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The Bundy Debacle

Dear Liberty; The Bundy Ranch incident is a perfect example of what the 17th amendment has done to this republic. It has rendered every single state powerless to protect themselves, their interests and their residents from the sheer insanity of the Progressive/Socialist agenda. This agenda includes the seizure of

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