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William Randolph Hearst: Media Magnate, Millionarie and…Socialist?

Dear Liberty In order to truly and effectively conquer a culture, it is important to eliminate or, at the very least, rewrite their history. Within one generation, a mere 25 years, their traditions, beliefs and practices will literally fade into

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How the 17th Amendment Has Destroyed This Republic

Dear Liberty; I can think of no other call for¬†public action that is more important to the survival of this republic than that of the immediate restoration of state’s rights.¬† Our Constitution ensured that each state would remain a sovereign

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Repeal and Liberate

Dear Liberty; There is no doubt in my mind that this is by far the most lawless and unconstitutional administration in the history of this republic. Woodrow Wilson could have only dreamed of getting away with such blatant, grotesque and

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