Repeal and Liberate

Dear Liberty;


There is no doubt in my mind that this is by far the most lawless and unconstitutional administration in the history of this republic. Woodrow Wilson could have only dreamed of getting away with such blatant, grotesque and foul disregard for the values of liberty and freedom. His dedication and hard work in eradicating the protective properties that our Constitution once offered, is now being enjoyed by America’s most divisive and constitutionally caustic president.

Like Martin Luther King Jr., I too have a dream. My dream, like his, is inspired by the precious gifts of freedom, honor and dignity. A dream in which those gifts are enjoyed by a people who are not afraid to protect the moral standards and values that America once stood for. My dream is about an America that includes a people who have the courage to, once again, stand strong against the tyranny of an out of control Executive without the fear of being silenced by a collection of lawless and oppressive agencies and their complicit media partners.

America was once like the America in my dream; she was dignified and honorable. She was the harbinger of world peace because of her unprecedented strength and her commitment to protecting the weak. She was a beacon of hope for those who were beaten down and a destination of safety for those who were oppressed. She was a giant among nations and an example to the world on how to govern…it was the voice of her people that made her strong and noble not the boot heel of her government.

Someone stole her backbone. Someone amended the vital components of the main source of her strength and left a shell that barely resembles the world’s first and only Representative Democracy. These thieves were the Progressives…the Socialists.

Socialism is built on the premise of strong central control. This central control of all industries, institutions and businesses is the premier characteristic of Socialism. This control ensures that the government will dictate how much, to whom and when. Socialism requires that the central government be the only source that establishes the rights of the people and is exclusively responsible for “updating” those rights as it feels necessary. This “updating” usually is used to re-establish, maintain, or increase central control.

Keep the above characteristics of Socialism in mind while you ponder the answer to this one very important question. Why would a Progressive/Socialist want to amend the United States Constitution to increase the control of the people and further limit the powers of the Federal Government? The answer is…He wouldn’t. It would seem logical that a Progressive/Socialist would introduce an amendment that would do the exact opposite wouldn’t it?

Let’s take a look at the 17th amendment which was “sold” to the America People by the Progressive/Socialists from 1906 to 1913 when it was finally ratified. It established the right of the people to elect their U.S. Senators by popular election rather than having them be appointed by each state’s legislature the way that our Forefathers originally intended.

Our Forefather’s established the Senate and its members as a mechanism of maintaining state sovereignty. This state sovereignty was the backbone to America’s strength; it was the ONLY way to ensure that the states were protected from the Federal Government. It was the only way to ensure that the Federal Government would not be able to control the states. Now, stop and look what has happened; no state representation since 1913 and the federal Government has been in complete control ever since. The Progressive/Socialist agenda accomplished.

What I am about to tell you is not an opinion, it is a constitutional fact and anyone who will try to tell you otherwise is either lying to you, is ignorant or both. The repeal of the 17th amendment will re-establish state sovereignty, dramatically increase state and individual rights and put the Federal Government back in its cage where it belongs. The media, who has lots to lose with a repeal, will lead the charge against it by reprinting the lies that they used fool America into supporting the amendment. Our plan is to expose their wicked selfishness before they have a chance to do it again.

If you believe in freedom and you believe in liberty and you want a stronger voice at the federal level then we must repeal the 17th amendment.

For the next several weeks we will be posting a series of letters that make a case for re-establishing the greatness of this republic through this repeal. If you have concerns or questions, please post them as a comment and we will answer them in a dignified, respectful and informative manner. Please also share this information with your friends and family and have them post their concerns as well. This is a movement that requires the participation of a well informed electorate. Won’t you join us in this cause to restore our freedoms?

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