How the 17th Amendment Has Destroyed This Republic

Dear Liberty;take-back-america

I can think of no other call for public action that is more important to the survival of this republic than that of the immediate restoration of state’s rights.  Our Constitution ensured that each state would remain a sovereign and independent entity and that together, as a united Republic, they would “pay” the Federal Government to perform certain tasks that each state could not perform efficiently on their own.   

Our Forefathers never meant for the Federal Government to have the power to tell the states what they could and could not do.  In fact, they were so concerned with the prospect of the Federal Government growing too powerful that our Founders established the US Senate specifically to protect and defend the states against the possibility of any such future tyranny. As far back as 1781, maintaining state sovereignty was an important issue with our Founders; this is evidenced by an entry made in Article II of the Articles of Confederation that reads; “Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom and independence….”.  

Around 1890, there emerged a group of people who didn’t like the fact that the Federal Government was controlled by the States and more importantly they didn’t like the fact that it had to confer with the States, in all matters, before this protective body known as the United States Senate. This group of people, who opposed the rightful sovereignty of the States, were the Progressive/Socialists.  Their greed for power, money and control of America’s precious resources drove their cause to redefine and “transform” these United States by lying to the American People. They, by a conniving scheme, introduced the 17th amendment. They fooled America into believing that the direct election of Senators would give the people more power, mitigate corruption and eliminate the interference from special interest groups. This was an ingenious plan but it was nothing more than a wicked plot to destroy the worlds first and only Representative Democracy.  Their campaign was based on lies and packed with misinformation, but it worked. 

VOTESince that time, so many people have grown to believe that their vote doesn’t matter.  How many people don’t even bother going to the voting polls because they honestly believe that their vote doesn’t count?  The answer is MILLIONS!  The reason that people feel powerless nowadays is that we truly are.  There is no real “state representation” in Washington DC anymore.  There is no one doing battle to ensure that each state retains their sovereignty and maintains their Constitutionally guaranteed right to govern themselves.  What the American People have forgotten is that it was the Progressives who so deviously destroyed the original intent of U.S. Senator, which was to protect the states and the people from being pushed around by the Federal Government.  

When the 17th amendment was ratified in 1913, the Progressives went full steam ahead, cramming their will down the throats of American People.  Since that time there has been a huge expansion of the Federal Government at the expense of individual and state freedom.                                                                                

Do you ever stop and wonder why there seems to be no one in Washington DC who truly represents your values or stands up for the things that you believe in? The reason is that the “powerhouse”, the Senate, that used to be the state’s watchdog over the Federal Government has completely lost it’s authority.  Since 1913, no state has had the ability to send representatives from their legislatures, so the states, who were once the mighty keystones of liberty have become a powerless, voiceless and invisible entity. In steps the Federal Government began to exercise the power that they stole from the Senate, aided by the newly proclaimed watch dogs of the American people and the “keeper of their freedoms”…The Press. 

Here is the Progressive/Socialist William Randolph Hearst on the subject: 

“Who is to protect us from the Senate?” Hearst asks.  It’s not the States Legislature who were, by our Founders intended to be the protectors of our liberties.  No, his answer to the question is “Who, then is to protect the people but THE PRESS?”

William R. Hearst “The Treason of the Senate “. 

This was obviously a selfish and wicked act to propel the power of the media, to ring shank the American People and to expand the Progressive/Socialist agenda of increasing the power of the government.  How well has that worked out for us? 

Cuffed-Hands-150x150[1]Every single state in this union has been handcuffed since the ratification of the 17th amendment.  The Federal Government has literally held every state, and therefore every person, hostage.  They now have the power to dictate, mandate and impose programs, regulations and legislations that the people don’t want. Take ObamaCare for instance.  I guarantee that if each state had PROPER representation in the U.S. Senate, this tragic, manipulative and overbearing mandate would never have been forced down our throats.  It never would have even made the floor for consideration. ObamaCare and the Progressive/Socialists owe the victory of this oppressive legislation to the 17th Amendment. 

So, who is going to stand up to an out of control Executive (with a pen and a phone) and tell him that he can’t have any moreDEBT Cartoon, Why Fix the Plumbing... money?  Not the US Senate!  Stop and think for a second about where the Federal Government gets its money…Yes, the States and the people.  Remember that the original intent of the Federal Government was to be an “employee” of the collective states. The Federal Government was supposed to listen to us on how much of our money we wanted them to spend and on what.  The Feds are out of control with our hard earned money.  They spend our money recklessly then turn to us and DEMAND more.  When was the last time you heard a president politely ask for more money?  NEVER!  They DEMAND it through tax hikes and penalties but they never make an effort to cut spending.  The 17th amendment made sure that the states would have no power to stand up and say “NO MORE” because the Senators are little more than “Yes Ambassadors” for the Federal Government. More often than not these days, our esteemed US Senators see themselves as representatives of the Federal Government, whose job it is to sell the Federal Agenda to their States.  

The High Cost of It AllWith over 17 trillion in national debt how much more can we pile on our children and Grandchildren?  This is real folks!  This is a serious injustice that we are inflicting on the up and coming generation. We say that we care about them; we say that we are looking out for them, we make them wear seat belts, bicycle and skateboard helmets, demand that fast food establishments offer apple strips instead of French fries then we break their backs with a crushing debt that they will NEVER be able to get out from under.  Who is benefiting from this “its for your own good” type of government?  The answer; the Federal Government, because the more that they “give”, the more they can control the states and the people.  A full repeal of the 17th amendment would bring a little common sense to Washington DC in the form of 2 representatives from each state legislature that will stand up and say “We’re not going to take it anymore”. 

pork-barrel-316Who decided that it was ok to fund programs with money from hard working Americans that benefit an embarrassingly small group of people? How many programs exist that benefit NO ONE?  We laugh about these programs all the time; programs like the study of the reproductive habits of snails and the like.  What good comes from these programs? More importantly, WHO CARES? The snails might care but they already know how they do it; so I ask again WHO CARES?  Representatives from each state legislature, TRULY representing the interests of each state would have the power to put their feet down and put an end to this kind of insanity.  It sounds funny but it’s not a laughing matter; it’s a foul and disgusting misuse of our money and it needs to stop.  A repeal of the 17th amendment would give each state a fighting chance to put an end to this kind of ludicrous spending. 

Dear Liberty, will you help us make a move toward restoring the original order of this country?  A true republic where THE PEOPLEDCM_Liberty_960x447 and THE STATES are TRULY in control of the Federal Government.  Help us move together as a people who will view our diversity as a strength and who will no longer stand for the divisiveness of a lawless Executive who wants nothing more than to divide us up and watch us destroy each other. Help us stand together with the courage that we need to put the states back in the driver’s seat with a repeal of the 17th amendment and a firm repudiation the Progressive/ Socialist tyranny that has been plaguing our beloved republic.


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13 comments on “How the 17th Amendment Has Destroyed This Republic
  1. Bill Henson says:

    Since reading Mark Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments” I have been on a mission to get my state legislators to understand the vile nature of the 17th Amendment and do something about it. I am not making much headway but will not be deterred. Thank you for posting a wonderful article validating my mission. Unless we reverse the course the federal government is on, our republic is relegated to the dustbin of history. Keep up the good work!

    • Doug McKee says:

      Thank you Bill! Since you’ve been “in the know” regarding this nasty Progressive secret, you understand what a difficult task that it will be to educate the American People on the true and real benefits of a repeal. There are so many that do not understand original intent and the damage that it does to our republic when we move away from it.

      Stay on your mission and be confident that there are many other patriots who are marching along beside you. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  2. James Barber says:

    I have often said that the 17th Amendment needs to be repealed. In the state of Arizona, John McCain and Jeff Flake make rare visits to areas outside of Phoenix and Tucson because they can be elected or re-elected by only courting these areas. If they had to be appointed by the State Legislature, I think McCain would visit Mohave County more than Ukraine or Egypt.

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