Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Dear Liberty;

HippiesThere was never a generation that experienced more freedom, had more money and effected more change for this country than that of the Baby Boomer’s. Their time was an era of extreme growth, both politically and economically. They questioned authority at every level. They stood up for the things that they believed in and went to great lengths to ensure that they were heard. They were organized, motivated and determined to bring about the changes that they desired. They were willing to stand up for their rights as Americans and demanded that they be accommodated; their interests, goals and methodology were in direct contrast to the cheap knock off of the “Occupy” movement who just wanted more free stuff.

FlowerinRifle1967While I don’t agree with some of the things that the Baby Boomers stood for, I admire their tenacity and their “sticktoitiveness”. I admire how they were willing to step forward and not take “no” for an answer and for their courage in putting flowers down the barrels of the riffles that were pointed at them. They knew their rights, they knew their Constitution and they knew where the government should end and where “the people” should begin…they wanted to make a difference and they did.  We need their help now. We need them to show us how to unite FOR America and not divide against her.

When I look at the things that are dividing this republic today, I see a host of things that really don’t make a difference…let’s take gay marriage for instance. Now don’t go throwing your hand up in the air, hang in there with me for a minute. It is an important and sensitive issue but it’s an issue that really affects less than 3% of our population. Where it becomes a problem is when a party makes it the main issue of their platform and people come out of the woodwork to support that one cause and don’t take the time to listen to the other issues that affect the entire population; economic issues…political issues. Issues like gay marriage are used as smokescreens to conceal the true agenda of the Progressive/Socialists; the agenda of dismantling this republic. The American People should be smarter than this and take many of the social issues like this off of the national platform. After all, who truly wants Uncle Sam in their bedroom in the first place telling them what they can and can’t do? Please think about that question very deeply before you answer it.

The federal government has found its way into our living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, class rooms, groceryfedgov stores, bathrooms, you name it. They have assigned themselves as the watchdog over all that is and claim that the things that they do are “for our own good”. They have essentially stated that they know more about what we want and need than we do. This is not the characteristic of a Representative Democracy, this is the profile of a Socialist Republic.

“My vote doesn’t count” has become the mantra for those who don’t exercise their right to vote. They claim that it just doesn’t matter if they show up at the poles or not and as a result we have a 47% voter turn out on a good day. Who came up with this ingenious plan that cut the amount of people who vote in half? Think about it; now they only have to influence roughly 50% of the people rather than 100% of them. It’s almost admirable if it wasn’t so devious; we need to unite and rise above this.

No Big GovernmentStorming the Capitol isn’t going to work anymore. The only way that we can save this republic is to reunite the people from the ground up while simultaneously passing meaningful legislation in Congress that gives the power of governing back to the governed. Passing legislation such as the repeal of the 17th amendment will return power to the states and repealing the 16th amendment will return power to the people. After all the Senate was created to manage the interests of the states and the purse strings are held by the people in the House of Representatives. Repealing both of these amendments will immediately put the federal government back where it belongs…behind bars until it is summoned by the will of the people to perform an appointed task.

Keep in mind that I whole heartedly support and believe in the concept that “all men are created equal”; yet I believe that the politics of equality has been touted so much through political correctness that the politics of productivity has fallen from our sight and our republic has paid a dear price domestically and abroad, both politically and economically and our freedoms have slowly been consumed by an ever expanding federal government.

It’s time to repeal the amendments that have destroyed our sovereignty and stifled our progress. It’s time to make a stand for liberty and unite, once again, as Americans in an effort to  preserve the ideals that our Forefathers put into motion in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Seven.

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