Obama Takes the Pulse of the Media, Not the Nation

Dear Liberty; 

As blatantly unconstitutional as the Obama Administration has been, NOTHING has done more damage to thisO Tears Constitution Republic than the irresponsible and subversive misuse of the media. 

When will the American people finally learn that the media’s job is to report the news; not create it and not spin it? The American people are smart; we don’t need to be spoon fed or have our little bottoms wiped for us; but the White House and the media disagree.  

What’s worse than media spin, is the lawless Obama Administration’s use of the media to “brainwash” the American People.  Can anyone say “Joseph Goebbels?”.  

This headline from the Drudge Report says more than it intends to say:


Why do we need an “immigration strategy” from the media?  Why don’t we simply enforce the laws that are on the books and treat illegals like criminals?  That’s what they are!  Sorry Jeb; illegal immigration is NOT an “act of love”.  Putting innocent children in harm’s way is child abuse and forcing them to break a law is contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  If I’m not mistaken it might also be reckless endangerment of a child.  I don’t buy into the “they just want a better life for their families” strategy.  What they are doing is making our lives more difficult by “stealing” money from our families in the form of free stuff that they expect to receive when they get here. 

Mr. Obama; the poster child for the illegal immigrant is not the child held by a mother and father escaping tyranny; it’s the tattooed gang thug, human trafficker, and drug dealer.  I understand, sir, that you Thugscan’t see that from your bubble in the District so please listen to those who see it every day…those who live in states that are near and on the Southern Boarder. 

Now, as for your “immigration strategy” that you plan to “sell” to the American People through Rupert Murdoch and other less than patriotic media thugs; how about going through Congress for once?  How about asking the members of the U.S. House of Representatives to query their constituents directly?  You may just discover that an overwhelming majority of Americans are sick of your “open boarder” policy.  Please stop flashing glib terms like “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” that really boils down to amnesty for criminals…a “reform” that will put an unjust burden on American families through higher unemployment and less available tax revenue to put toward paying down our national debt. 

There are a few things that should be considered here before the American people are once again played for fools and served with yet another bill that they are justifiably opposed to: 

1.  It flies in the face of logic to legislate any further reforms into existing immigration policy prior to securing and properly maintaining our borders.  There should be absolutely no discussion of Immigration “Reform” until The Feds have finally and successfully executed their Constitutional obligation to defend the sovereignty of these Untied States to secure our boarders and enforce the laws that are currently at their disposal.

2. Was Jarrett just testing the waters with Murdoch or are we in bigger trouble than we think?  Could it beCircle slash possible that she was trying to read his reaction to this whole disgusting plan? Why has the media become more important than the elected members of Congress?  I am not blind to the fact that their reaction to policy matters but why are they continuously being used to shape and form policy?  Sadly, since the ratification of the 17th Amendment to the Constitution in 1913, that is the exact role that the media has taken.  They have virtually replaced the United States Senate in Washington DC and the media reaction to policy has more and more displaced the system of checks and balances that were set forth in our Constitution. 

William Randolph Hurst really did a number on America with his campaign to replace the influence of the Senate with that of the newspaper.  He gave birth to what we refer to today as “Spin”.  His “selling” of the 17th amendment through the media was as deceitful and as disgraceful as was the Obama Administration’s sale of the Affordable Care Act to an angry public.  Now, a fearful public stands on the sidelines as this shameless administration once again,  consults with media moguls regarding policy rather than turning to where it is obligated to turn…CONGRESS!.  Sadly, everyone knows that they aren’t really selling immigration reform at all but rather the gradual and inevitable demise of this precious republic. 

Dear Liberty, please inspire and encourage the American People to think beyond the print; to see beyond the empty faces of Hollywood actors and actresses who involve themselves in causes of which they are ill informed; to hear beyond the insanity of pulpit thugs like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  Please help us restore this republic with the Constitutional principles that have worked in the past and that are guaranteed to work again if they are simply and properly applied and not bastardized by the leftist media.


                                       THIS?                                                          OR                                                            THIS?

Constitution PhotoWe the President




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