Is It Constitutional?

Dear Liberty;

Something has occurred to me, something so simple and subtle yet so devious and cunning.

For years I have listened as our legislators and members of the mainstream media have tried their very best to convince the American People that certain laws needed to be passed. As I have listened to their speeches and read their columns I have observed something; the subject of each was not important…it was the carefully selected verbiage of their sales pitch that got my attention. I began to find entertainment in picking out the freshly minted turns of phrases that will saturate the airwaves and soon infiltrate the conversation around our dinner tables. However, on reflection it wasn’t so entertaining when I realized that it was all part of a planned manipulation.

I heard terms like “common sense legislation” “meaningful legislation” and wanting to enact policies that “just made good sense”. These terms were all followed by lengthy rhetoric intended to convince me that THEY knew more about what I wanted and needed than I did. Then they mixed in terms like tolerance, freedom, equality, prosperity and even mentioned you, Liberty, in a blatantly deceitful play to win my trust…… lull me……….no, to con me into the misguided belief that their ideas were somehow in complete harmony with the American Spirit and our Constitution.

Check these out: Nancy Pelosi in 2008 continuously spoke about her “Commonsense plan” to lower gas prices. When that plan was finally revealed, gas prices literally skyrocketed. During her tenure as Speaker of The House, she incessantly referred to the unconstitutional Dream Act as “commonsense legislation” in an effort to “sell” the bill to the American People. October, 2013, MSNBC Online reporter Clare Kim stated that “Rep. Pelosi, Sens. Boxer and Feinstein will march……..for “common sense gun laws”. President Obama, April, 2013, ” We can pass “common sense laws to protect our kids…” The fact is, behind closed doors they decided to label their legislative initiatives as being “common sense” in a clear effort to draw attention away from the fact that they are most likely in direct conflict with our Constitution.

This is the kind of trickery that the Progressives are using these days; fortunately, our Forefathers gave us a Constitution to refer to and guide us. You see, Liberty, when it’s labeled “common sense”, people are naturally afraid to oppose it because if they do, they might find themselves a target for harassment, humiliation or ridicule. The Iron fist of Socialism or Authoritarian Progressivism does not like opposing ideas; especially when those opposing ideas will limit or minimize their power. Dare to speak out against them and you risk being defined as intolerant, hateful, ignorant or worse yet…racist.

The questions that I want all of America to be asking when we hear words like “common sense legislation” … are… “Is the proposed legislation Constitutional?” and “Whose liberty is at stake?”.

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4 comments on “Is It Constitutional?
  1. Jerry says:

    I have visited your site a few times. I must say that I am a pretty liberal democrat but I do not consider myself a progressive I consider myself a liberal democrat. I have friends who say they are progressives but I don’t believe that they understand what that actually means. I hate the way that the European progressives have taken over our party. I believe in the constitution and agree that we need to step back and take another look at each other, by that I mean Democrats and Republicans. Mr. Mckee I assume is a Republican but that’s ok because he really seems to be willing to make a difference. While I don’t agree with some of the things that you say, you present you points in a way that are not insulting to me like some of the wacos out there. Just a question, why don’t you have any contact information on the website?

    • Doug McKee says:

      Hello Jerry,

      I appreciate your comments more than you might know. You have brought up a touchy issue about how the Progressives have taken over the Democrat Party; some Democrats get insulted when that is suggested. It is, however, a widely accepted view.

      I honestly believe that both of the major parties in his country have dignified and honorable intentions but those intentions have been clouded by Socialist influences. That is why we are trying so hard to return to something that we know works…our Constitution. Socialism has historically failed all over the world and is responsible for poverty and oppression wherever it exists.

      I hope others like you come forward and let their voice be heard.

      A contact button is a good idea! I will get one up here pretty quickly; thank you for the suggestion and thanks again for your comments.

  2. Dan says:

    It appears as if the term “unconstitutional” is being thrown around left and right. I don’t think most people even know what “Constitutional” means. We need the current adults to understand it and then make sure that the children know it and understand it so that this knowledge is perpetuated.
    I find it hard to believe when members of states follow the proper procedure and vote to amend their state constitutions, how an unelected official can wave some magic wand and say “its unconstitutional” and eliminate what the majority want to uphold.
    I believe one of the reasons for the “freedom of speech” clause in the 1st amendment was the right for individuals to say what they felt about the government without fear of any repercussions. Today many things that use to be considered ‘immoral’ are being protected by this clause. When a popular book and movie come out against the current leadership instead of just forgetting about it the author ends up being indicted by the federal government. So much for freedom of speech.

    • Doug McKee says:

      You Couldn’t be more correct in that we need to educate each other and in turn educate our children and grandchildren until the entire populace, once again, has a grasp on what our Constitution is all about. We need to teach it in our schools again and not just breeze through it. It is the most important document that we have; it protects us from tyranny, limits the powers of the Federal Government and ensures that We The People will always be in charge. Is it any wonder why the Department of Education has slowly but surely taken Constitutional study out of the required curriculum?

      Correct again, Dan, on your thoughts on the 1st Amendment issues. It seems as though they will continue to chip away at all of our rights until we are afraid to use them…once we have been coerced into voluntarily putting them aside they will move to repeal them for good and no one will miss them. It’s a vicious turn but one that has been used throughout time to bring about “change”.

      I enjoyed your comments Dan, thanks for visiting us and for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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