Poor Nevada, They’re Missing A Senator !

Dear Liberty;

For some time now, I have had some very serious concerns regarding the direction of our beautiful republic but even more so since having heard the following statement made on the floor of the U.S. Senate.image

“It is our job to support the Federal Government; that’s what we do!”

These frightening words were uttered by the United States Senate Majority Leader regarding his duties and obligations as a U. S. Senator. I would expect these words to be read from the floor of the Russian Politburo but not the floor of the U.S. Senate. The ghost of Karl Marx must have giggled with delight when he heard Harry Reid orate these eerie words. The first question that I have is: Do the people of Nevada finally realize that they have a Senator who, very clearly and openly, does not represent the interests of their state? The Second question: Why is he still in office? And the third: Where is the public outrage?

What I fail to understand is that there was little or no response after Mr. Reid made this blatantly contemptible statement. Have the people forgotten who is supposed to be in control or is it that they truly don’t understand the Constitution of the United States of America? Or even more concerning, is it a combination of both?

Let’s get something straight; the Federal Government is there to serve and support US. The Federal Government is paid by the American People to perform 18 very specific duties listed in Article I Section 8 of our Constitution. These 18 duties are known as the Enumerated Powers; they are the powers that the people and the states have hired the Federal Government to perform on our behalf and according to the 10th Amendment everything else should be handled by the people and the states. The 10th Amendment reads as follows:

Constitution Photo“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”

I encourage everyone to take a look at Article I Section 8 of our Constitution and see what those 18 powers are. You might be surprised to find out that the Federal Government has reached far beyond them. You might also discover why our Federal Government keeps running out of money and has to keep raising taxes to pay for the programs that should never have been created.

I am tired of listening to the Progressive/Socialists who state that our Constitution is “out dated” and needs to be “revised”. What they really mean to say is “That it’s time to get rid of our Representative Democracy and establish a Socialist Republic”. The overwhelming majority of these Progressives aren’t even thinking for themselves; they are reciting Socialist garbage that they have heard from someone else who most likely doesn’t understand our Constitution or who might be intentionally perverting it.

I make the above statement, not on an un-researched assumption but from in depth questioning of those who make these kind of ignorant statements to me. I have not found one single individual who can offer me an example of what needs to be “updated”. They all fall back on the same shallow comeback of “Dude, the thing is like over two hundred years old” Then they throw in ridiculous statements like “Washington and those guys had no idea that one day we would have radios, cell phones, televisions, gay marriage, illegal immigration and stuff” That’s my signal that this conversation is just about over so I hand them a pocket Constitution, politely ask that they read it and invite them to come back and discuss what exactly it is that they would like to change. Some take it and some don’t. Those who have taken it and actually read it discover that there really isn’t much that they would change and ultimately agree that the majority of the social issues that are dividing us should be taken up at the state level. They also discover that the words “guaranteed separation of church and state” don’t appear in there either and that provides me with the opportunity to inform them that that concept is just another Progressive lie taught by ignorant or intentionally misleading teachers and professors.

Why don’t we require that every single student be fully schooled in the U.S. Constitution before they acap-and-gownre allowed to graduate high school? Why don’t we test their knowledge on our founding documents before they are commenced? We do it with math, English and science but fail to educate and evaluate our students with one of the most important tools that they need to help them understand and maintain their freedoms; one that will also assist them in making good decisions in the voting booth. There is no doubt that this is done intentionally by our Department of Education; they would rather require that our educators spend precious time teaching that it’s ok to have two daddy penguins or two mommy penguins and other politically correct drivel rather than instruct them with practical knowledge that can be used by the future leaders of our republic.

A good study of our Constitution will immediately reveal to the reader that it does not protect an individual from getting his or her feelings hurt nor prevent them from being offended; this is a waste of Federal time. Politeness and manners are to be taught in the home, not in the schools and they should neither be enforced nor policed by the Federal Government. The reader will also find out that the golden doors of opportunity are not the gates of guaranteed equal results. They quickly discover that a representative democracy requires hard work and that there are no guarantees made to those who do not try. The Constitution does not give the right to the Federal Government to censor our morality nor prevent us from speaking and thinking what we believe as long as we don’t trample on the rights of someone else to do the same.

The Constitution does, however, state very clearly what the duty’s and obligations of the three branches of government are and SUPPORTING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS NOT ONE OF THEM. This statement is almost criminal in nature and misstates the objective of the U.S. Senate. It is even more dangerous because it came from the mouth of a powerful, well-known public figure and I, for one, believe that is was intended to incorrectly educate those who didn’t know otherwise.

If Mr. Reid truly believes that the mission of the U.S. Senate is to support the Federal Government then it is most certainly “High Noon” in the Capital City and time to repeal the 17th amendment. I can think of no better time to re-educate the people on the importance of reestablishing state representation at the federal level. Those who are against this repeal ignorantly state that the “conservatives want the repeal because they want to control the government”. Let me state for the record that it is neither the Conservatives nor the Republicans who want the repeal…It is the Constitutionalists; and yes, the Constitutionalists want to return control of governing to the people and the states. Constitutionalists from BOTH parties should be interested in reinstating the system of checks and balances that our Founding Fathers established for us. We should all be uniting against the Progressive/Socialist movement that has always been more ignorantly trendy than intellectually beneficial.

If you consider yourself a Progressive; stop and think before you say it out loud anymore. Study our Constitution and decide for yourself if you really want your country to be “fundamentally transformed” from a Progressive idiotsuccessful first world Representative Democracy into a second world Socialist Republic that is guaranteed to fail, just as they have failed time and time again all over the world. Please stop following the Progressive in front of you and see, for yourself, just where this destructive pathway leads. History must neither be ignored nor re-written to hide the horrors that Progressive/Socialism imposes and requires. If I have offended you then this is just an indication that you have stopped thinking for yourself and that you are just too far left to admit it…all I can do is to ask you to reconsider your goals for this republic.

While the Progressive/Socialists see the redistribution of wealth as a just and fair method to operate our society; the Constitutionalists seek the restoration of this Republic through a just and fair redistribution of power by placing the power of governing back into the hands of the people and the states where our Founding Fathers intended it to rest.

Let’s repeal the 17th amendment and rise, once again, as a nation united against oppression and stand firm to prevent our children from becoming subject to the horrors of tyranny.

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3 comments on “Poor Nevada, They’re Missing A Senator !
  1. Dan says:

    Thank you Doug,

    Our government “leaders” need to remember that they are our representatives. They are put in office to serve us. They need lessons on the original intent of the Constitution.

    • Doug McKee says:

      Amen Dan! It’s amazing to me how our representatives are treated like rock stars! It is they who should snap to attention when they are in OUR presence. How quickly our appreciation for their service to us has turned into awe. I’ll never understand it!

  2. Laurel Mason says:

    Too true, Doug And Nevada isn’t the only state missing one or two Senators !

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