Divide and Conquer

 Dear Liberty;

The most effective way to overcome an enemy is to slowly divide them up, set them in opposition to one another, then sit back and watch them destroy themselves.  Through history this has been a technique known as “divide and conquer”. 

Now step back and take a look at the United Sates of America…we have been visibly and severely divided.  The question is: Who or what is dividing us? Do we have a Constitution that no longer meets the needs of the people or are we a people who no longer understand the intent of our Constitution?  Our Constitution is not a divisive document; on the contrary, it is a unifying document that was and is, intended to unify the people AND the states so that together we can manage the federal government…but who has been managing who?

This republic was designed to be managed from the bottom up…the people’s wishes and needs were to be met first. Each state was given representation at the federal level to ensure that they would maintain their sovereignty…it was intended that the states would issue their mandates to the federal government.  The original function of the federal government was to protect the people and the RIGHTS of the people. These are not theories…these are a facts!  Anyone who would debate these facts has neither a working knowledge of our Constitution nor a concept of what our forefathers intended for this republic. 

When will America stand up to those who are so desperately trying to divide up this country and destroy her? 

There is a stalemate in Washington DC and a division among the people; we have Republicans blaming Democrats; Democrats blaming Republicans…we are at each other’s throats and on the verge of destroying what we all so dearly love…while all along someone is watching…someone who has orchestrated the ultimate divide and conquer…someone who so desperately wants Lady Liberty to die.   Someone, somewhere is waiting to stand on a platform on which say  “See, capitalism doesn’t work…the Constitution doesn’t work…it’s time for something different!”  That someone recently said that he wanted to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” 

The Social Progressives have been somewhat successful in selling the idea to the American People that a Representative  Democracy doesn’t work, but their sales job is more of a snow job.  What they aren’t saying is the fact that our federal government isn’t truly operating within the bounds of our Constitution; it hasn’t been run as a Constitutional Republic with functioning checks and balances in over 100 years.  The fact is that this Republic is being run into the ground by our federal government who has deviously been applying the destructive principles of Socialism.  Sadly, the ideals and principles found in our Constitution have largely been abandoned; and the result?…a nation falling from grace; filled with people who are begging for someone to reunite them.

The American people have somehow forgotten that the United States of America became the greatest nation on earth by adhering to a carefully devised set of rules which ensured that the people would always have the last word…that each individual state would remain sovereign and that the federal government would be paid to do the things that the states could not do effectively for themselves.  It was never meant that the federal government would be able to dictate and mandate what the states or the people had to do.  Oh, but how things have changed! 

Why isn’t our system working anymore? The answer to that question can be found if we take the time to look back into our history; just over a hundred years ago…back to 1913 and the ratification of the 17th amendment. Most people don’t know this but our forefathers designed this republic so that the people would choose who they wanted to represent them as individuals at the federal level.  These people were appropriately referred to as members of the House of Representatives.  To ensure that each state was to remain sovereign, each state was to choose two individuals to represent them at the federal level; these individuals were referred to as Senators and they were chosen by the members of each state’s legislature. This very concept was put in place to ensure that the states would always have control over the federal government.  It also made sure that the people of each state would be very careful with whom they chose as state legislators. 

The Socialists, sorry; Progressives, saw that one of the ways that the federal government could expand it’s power was to establish a Federal Income Tax, thus the 16th Amendment; BUT, that was the car without the engine.  The final nail in the coffin was the 17th Amendment; it was established as a means to eliminate state representation and silence them by mitigating the intended authority of each state by killing the intended purpose of the U.S. Senate.  It was an ingenious but devious plan to fool the people into believing that they would have a louder voice but the opposite was true; the states lost control and the federal government has been running roughshod over the states ever since. 

So, incomes the 17th amendment hailed by the Socialist, sorry; Progressive, Woodrow Wilson who outwardly opposed our Constitution.  He was able to sell it to the people by fooling them into believing that this would give the people more power to prevent corruption.  It was an outright lie and since 1913 our sovereign states have not had any representation at the legislative table in Washington.  Not one single state has a voice in any matter that goes before the Senate.  The outcome is an out of control federal government that mandates to the States what they are going to do and how they are going to do it.   This is a fact and it is how we lost the precious checks and balances that our Founders so consciously put in place to protect us from tyranny.   This is the very reason why we now find ourselves in the clutches of a tyrannical administration that has no respect for the people OR the States and little or no concern for our Constitution.   

Thank you Socialists, sorry; Progressives. Oh what the heck they’re Socialists.

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2 comments on “Divide and Conquer
  1. Dan says:

    I remember when Hillary Clinton defined herself: “I prefer the word ‘progressive,’ which has a real American meaning, going back to the progressive era at the beginning of the 20th century. I consider myself a modern progressive.” [2008 Democratic Presidential election debates]
    When I first heard those words I was really confused. That is, until I became more familiar with the ideas of the people that are mentioned in your article. I enjoy learning from your insights, because they bind and expand the tid-bits of information I have gleaned over the years. This helps me see the big picture of what is really going on.
    With all of the different labels that “the left” has they all seem to run together. I can’t decide whether to call them Demogresserals or Liberessiverats. The ruling elites for “the right” should be called Republicants. What we really need are Americans that know, love, and live by the U.S. Constitution. Thank you Doug. I hope others read your words and share them with their friends.

    • Doug McKee says:

      Your Comments cracked me up Dan! Very good. Yes, it is frightening when you start looking into what the Progressives truly stand for and what they have been doing over the past 100 years. In the next few months we will be adding in some very interesting things bout people that you’ve heard of but didn’t really know much about. People like William Randolph Hearst. You will be very surprised to hear how much he did to advance the progressive agenda and undermine this republic.

      Our mission here is to present facts so that people can become informed and not be fooled by the main stream media. We want to bring to light what has happened to our beloved republic and help restore her to her greatness. She has been so brutally robbed by the Socialists, disguised as Progressives.

      It’s time for America to wake up and stand up for her Constitution and start supporting those who will actually abide by it.

      Thanks a bunch for your comments.

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