Enough Hope and Change

Dear Liberty;

Who was it who decided that we needed to undo everything that our Forefathers set in motion for us?flag and eagle

Our Founders had the foresight and the courage to separate this nation from the rest of the world by establishing a unique Constitutional Republic who’s ideals would catapult us far beyond any other nation that had ever existed. America was made great by following the principles that are found in our Constitution and asking us to ignore them, as the Progressives have done, is asking us to become average …to become less effective as a superpower, less dynamic as a people and to become less American if you will.

We had our “hope and change” penned on parchment in 1787 but apparently, Obama and his Progressive minions believe replacing that hope with the very thing that we fought to change was somehow a wise decision. To the thinking person, this is an obvious step backwards…to the Progressive, this backslide is a victory. Progressives are, by definition un-American. Progressives are Socialists who rule by executive decree, deception and thuggery. Progressives want Kings, not Presidents. Progressives want subjects not citizens. Progressives are fools who can’t think for themselves so they follow the clown in front of them and nod their heads at the shallow concepts of liberalism like they’re on some sort of political Thorazene…the Progressive’s ideals and principles are the problem with America…they are destroying her.

O Tears ConstitutionI can’t blame our decline as a superpower entirely on our new “Golfer in Chief” but, he has indeed sewn acres of bad seed since his stepping into the oval office. He has been intentionally divisive and has cut America in two with his incessant efforts of pitting us against each other. I can hear the laughter from the private quarters of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as he and his yes men giggle with delight as they throw more water onto the once well oiled gears of this republic with the anticipation that they will rust and appear to “shut down on their own”. Yet, somehow, as hard as they try, they are finding it difficult to nudge, prod, and force our system of government to “shut down on it’s own failures”.

You see, our system of government was foreordained by God to provide safe shores for those wishing to flee from tyranny, and a haven for those desiring to exercise their religious freedoms. These liberties are the fuel which turn the very engines that drive our exceptional nature. God’s plans will not be frustrated by the arrogance of mankind… and Progressive arrogance in America has never been more clearly demonstrated than through the dismal failure of their signature piece of legislation…the Affordable Care Act. It’s that kind of arrogant ideology that leads Progressives to believe that they have the right to meddle in something so intimate and so individually diverse. They falsely believe that they can create an earthly Utopia…they are trying to build their own Tower of Babble…and it will surely crumble as did the first.

Giving them their due, the Progressives appear to have made considerable strides over the last 100 years or so; but, I can assure you that they will ultimately fail. In fact, they’re failing now for the simple reason that they have underestimated the power of American Exceptionalism.

American Exceptionalism …… just say that phrase in front of a Progressive and watch them squirm. For aEagel and Flag Progressive, the very thought that America is exceptional is a concept that needs to be squashed. They are driven to convince people that no such thing exists and even demand that we refrain from using the term. Progressives are obsessed with a feigned concern that someone, somewhere might be “offended”….well, that’s too bad…it does exist and we are exceptional. For hundreds of years people from all over the globe have revered our exceptionalism and have wanted to become a part of it as evidenced by their willingness to give up virtually everything that they owned just for a taste of the freedoms that we enjoy on a daily basis.

Progressives have tried to destroy our exceptional identity by turning the EPA, IRS and other agencies lose on the American miracle. They have regulated and taxed our manufacturing industry right out of the country; where “Made in the USA” has been replaced with “Made in China” or “Made in Indonesia” or “Made in Vietnam” THAT’S insulting…THAT’S offensive to me and I’m comfortable with saying that because, unlike the Progressives, I’m NOT ashamed of being an American!

Things have ALWAYS been made better in the USA because we are a better country and we have better resources, better ideas, better people and therefore better products because we have a better system of governing which invites commerce, industry, innovation and market to mingle together where they can thrive and prosper. There used to be a term for that, you don’t hear it used much anymore but, it is “American ingenuity”…Remember that? There’s nothing else like it in the world.

PollutionYes, there were times when we weren’t so kind to our environment but we have become responsible and will continue to be so. However, the Progressives want to fool us into believing that we need to change our system of governing in order to keep our air and water clean…don’t fall for it, it isn’t true. The fact is that Progressivism is Socialism and it is designed to destroy Capitalism and Entrepreneurism. It suppresses creativity and promotes an oppressive ideology that values bureaucratic autonomy over the free expression of the individual.

Follow me here for a moment and see what the Progressives have put into motion to destroy this country. Keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg and it is very basic in nature but it should get you thinking.

The green movement. This is a front for minimizing America’s potential and eroding American Exceptionalism; they do this by running off manufacturing, choking out industry, preventing commerce and minimizing our markets. In other words, their intention is to destroy the free market. This creates unemployment and therefore a greater burden is placed on local, state and federal programs. Rather than cut costs to useless programs and pet projects, Progressives are quick raise taxes that place a greater burden on those who are fortunate enough to still be working. This expands government, creates animosity and promotes divisiveness.

Divisiveness is the first ingredient in the divide and conquer theory. Think about it…set the young against the old, rich against poor, white against black…the list goes on. Break up America into little pods of people with trumped up “competing interests” and they will think of little more than fighting amongst themselves for equality or perhaps a better position in life and they will develop an ever increased yearning for a larger pieceDivision of the governmental pie. The people then put a greater emphasis on “social issues” allowing for the politics of equality to take a priority over the politics of productivity. The fact that the whole “equality” issue is addressed in the Constitution and followed up with hundreds of subsequent laws doesn’t stop them from exploiting the frustration of low information voters who are convinced that big government is the answer to “social inequality”. People like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and our Divider in Chief do everything in their power to make sure that this division is reconstituted at every turn. So while we’re all jumping up and down pointing fingers at each other and worrying about whether someone is going to accuse us of being a racist, the federal government is passing laws and making executive decisions that limit our freedoms and takes money right out of our hands and all this is done right under our noses.

Quantitative Easing or printing money…This is done intentionally to devalue the American Dollar. The more of something that there is, the less it is worth; that’s a fact and the same applies to the dollar bill. So, if you go to sleep with $100 under your mattress and they decide to print more dollar bills while you’re sleeping; when you wake up you will now have $97 (or so). Someone has stolen money from you. Quantitative easing is stealing…its the Feds degrading your net worth and it is done to the tune of trillions of dollars. Since they have stolen the standard by which it was originally valued, our dollar is now worth only what people perceive that it is worth and that generally boils down to the world’s perception of the current American President’s worth. AND, I am bold enough to say that it currently isn’t worth very much at all. If they can devalue the dollar badly enough, the Progressives will be thrilled to move to some trashy currency like the Eurodollar. They will suggest that it be a common currency between North, Central and South America…hmmm common currency, NAFTA, no borders…

The Progressives love the idea of an America with no borders. “Let them come!” they scream at the top of theirThugs lungs… “give them driver’s licenses, education, welfare, healthcare, free housing, voting rights…” minimize the real value of American citizenship to the point where there is no need to be a citizen anymore and we literally melt into the rest of the world. We will become Citizen’s of the World, with one ideology and a one world vision accompanied by another layer of oppressive bureaucracies that will require hoards of new taxes. Take a good hard look at California; they have been applying all of these principles for decades and now they are bankrupt and turning to the Federal Government for help; yet they refuse to change their ideology…could it be that their obstinance is intentional? No other explanation makes sense… Wake up! Remember the political saying…. “As goes California, so goes the Nation” ? Sorry…No way, not for us!

I see a better future for America…I see our future rooted in our past…I say that we ARE exceptional and that if others want to be a part of that exceptionalism then let them come but make them pledge allegiance to the greatest nation on earth and become a WORKING part of the America that has always been the best part of the world.

America was built on one, single idea; freedom. We are truly a Nation conceived in Liberty and this reality was built by people from all over the world, of all different religions, creeds, colors and walks of life; forget the tired old idea that Americans are just white…we are everything from white, black, brown, red, yellow…you name it. We are Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Buddhists and Hindu’s; each bringing their own individual uniqueness to these shores and willingly contributing their cultural heritage and talents to the greater good. And as they did, THEY became Americans and THIS became AMERICA and THEY became US!

You see, each of us is a living, breathing product of those who walked before us… they were exceptional and so are we! THAT’S where American Exceptionalism comes from! It is the product of the best characteristics from the best people from all over the world, who came to one spot to take part in a great revolutionary experiment and that great experiment began with the ratification of our Constitution. Our Constitution is a promise…a promise to all of the world that there would ALWAYS be a haven against oppression and tyranny called America, where people would ALWAYS live in freedom and that NO ONE would EVER take it from the earth until God Himself decided that it was time to call her home.

The Progressives may not have her, we must refuse to become like the rest of the world and fight against it with every fiber of our being. We have to stamp out the oppression and tyranny of Progressive Socialism and stand for freedom. Stop singing We are the World and sing the Star Spangled Banner my friends because America is coming home and Liberty is coming with her!




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