Never Give Up Hope, Even If the Light of Freedom Appears to Fade

Dear Liberty;

Please help me spread the word throughout this beautiful republic that hope is not lost and that the love of God and country will never be taken from the hearts of the American People…that someone, very soon, is going to stand up to once again lead us valiantly and with renewed strength, against the tyranny that has so horribly divided our nation. 

We must find this person…there absolutely must be an unknown American patriot quietly hidden in the shadows waiting to come forth; it could be someone who might be sitting next to you on the bus or in your office; perhaps it’s a neighbor or a friend;  a brother or a sister…indeed anyone.  This is why we need to talk with each other about the things that are important to us…this is the only way that we will find out who is willing to step forward and who is not.

Don’t be shy, don’t be bashful…be willing!  Be willing to talk with a complete stranger about how much we love our country.  Be willing to stand in defense of our values without being contentious.  Be willing to share the ideals of our Constitution with those who may not know them and help them understand how they can apply them to their daily lives to help make this country a better place.  Be willing to break down the barriers that have been set between us by finding solutions to common problems without seeking for legislation.

The blood of patriotism will never cease to course through the veins of the American People so long as there are those who possess the courage to stand in defense of her ideals.  As long as we have those who pledge their allegiance to the great cause of liberty and who are willing to fight for her,  there will be those who will be known as patriots.

The time has come for all of us to encourage those unknown patriots to stand up in defense of our freedoms, our Constitution and the American way of life. 

Enjoy the freedom that you have been given and be prepared and willing to fight for the ability to pass it on.


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