“…Except As To the Places of Choosing Senators.”

Dear Liberty;Attachment-1

The most ridiculous argument that I have ever heard regarding the Constitutionality of the 17th amendment was the fact that it was ratified.  I actually had someone hang their hat on that flat and banal statement, then blink their eyes rapidly as if they had just discovered the cure for stupidity.  If that person’s ideology is correct then the fact that someone gets murdered makes it legal simply because it happened.  This ideology is as equally absurd, shallow and childish as the Progressive agenda is misguided, flawed and corrupt. 

The Constitution of the United States of America is a unique document in that it very carefully pieces together the framework of a Representative Democracy which brilliantly limits the control of governing to the consent of the governed…The people. The important concept to grasp here is that of a ” representative democracy ”  because our Founders also provided an avenue by which the interests of each state would be represented at the Federal level; that avenue was the United States Senate.   

Our Founding Fathers created the Senate because they understood that the needs of the people were quite different from the needs of the states.  They recognized at the very onset of this republic that each state possessed different resources, regional opportunities and constraints, weaknesses and strengths.  They saw that the individual states were developing private and corporate enterprises that were unique to each state and that the free market was far better at managing those interests than the new Federal Government.   To our Founders, state representation at the federal level was not only imperative to the success of a united republic but that it would it also serve to ensure that each state would remain a sovereign entity.  In fact, without the assurance of state sovereignty our nation may never have been born.  So in the beginning, all voices vital to the health and success of the emerging republic were given a seat at the Federal Legislative Table. 

Today, at every election the people still have an opportunity to reaffirm their consent through the individuals whom they choose to send to Washington DC to represent their needs and wishes; but the states no longer do.  Federal representation of the interests of each state, as well as the interests of our free enterprise system were literally eliminated with the ratification of the 17th Amendment.  This amendment destroyed the balance of power, leaving the states and our Republic vulnerable to exactly what our Founders feared most, a dominant and overbearing Federal Government. 

flag and eagleOur Constitution never gave the people or the states the latitude to change our style of government from a Representative Democracy to a Socialist Republic.  Yet, that is exactly what happened when the Progressives crammed the 17th amendment down the throats of the American People. 

The ratification of this unconstitutional amendment severely upset our system of checks and balances and opened the door for the establishment of the Socialist principles that our Forefathers had fought so very hard to protect us from; and all this occurred right before the eyes of and against the will of the governed.  Over the last 100 years, these Marxist ideals have given way to the establishment of Socialist style legislative initiatives that are currently bringing The United States to her knees…out of control spending, unfunded federal mandates, one size fits all education standards, federal meddling in the laws of each sovereign state; a rogue EPA, a radical Department of Energy, OBAMACARE, the list goes on.   

Article 1, Section 3 of our Constitution was drafted to establish the protective framework of a true Representative Democracy and the 17th amendment was drafted to dismantled it.  This amendment opened the doors for the Marxist redistribution of America’s prosperity for the “common good”. 

In 1901 there were 2 members of the Socialist Party in our House of Representatives.  Today, there are over 75 admitted Socialists Wagonseated in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.  I’m fairly confident that most Americans aren’t aware of the fact that their numbers are so great and I am equally as confident that there are some who simply won’t believe that it’s true at all. It’s difficult for me to believe as well, so let’s start off with specifics…let’s start with Arizona’s Raul Grijalva.  He is also the Co-chair on the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  WHY IS THERE A CONGRESSIONAL PROGRESSIVE CAUCUS IN THE FIRST PLACE!? The mere fact that it exists at all should be a major concern for all those who are interested in preserving this republic. I won’t waste my time by listing all 75 of these liars and enemies of liberty, you can look them up for yourself and you will find that all of them are admitted members and allied with the Democratic Socialists of America.   

I refer to these Socialists as liars because when an admitted Socialist takes his or her Constitutional Oath, they are lying.  They are lying simply because they are Socialist and therefore stand in direct opposition to the ideals and principles of a Representative Democracy and have absolutely no intention of defending the Constitution of the United States of America and if they did, they wouldn’t be Socialists!  Am I wrong?

 There was a reason that the Progressive/Socialists so desperately sought the 17th amendment; because without it they couldn’t bring about their American Utopia by “fundamentally transforming” this free and independent republic into a collection of subservient states united in the cause of lobbying before the Federal Government for free stuff.  Take a look at the language that our Founding Fathers used to ensure a stable representative balance in the U.S. Senate. 

Article 1 section 4 of our Constitution states the following: 

 “The times, places, and manner of holding elections for senators and representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by law make or alter such regulations, EXCEPT AS TO THE PLACES OF CHOOSING SENATORS (Emphasis added) 

17th repeal flagDo you think that our Founding Fathers just might have had some insight into what could happen to this republic if Congress were to change the PLACES (the State Legislatures) in which the Senators were chosen?  Do you think that they may have specifically written that in there because they had some grave concerns as to the damage that would be done to their republic if let’s say the Senators were to be chosen by popular election? The answer to both questions is an unequivocal and absolute “Yes”.  Before I go on, I must ask you to ponder as to why you believe that our Founders specifically wrote that exception into that article. 

How then did the American People permit such a tragic amendment to be ratified? Especially when our Constitution specifically stated that Congress COULD NOT CHANGE THE PLACES WHERE SENATORS WERE CHOSEN.  The answer is that they were conned by William Randolph Hearst and his henchmen and by Woodrow Wilson and his Socialist minions.  You see, in order for them to have transformed this Representative Democracy into a Socialist Republic, they would have had to call a Constitutional Convention.  This would have drawn grand attention to their dark scheme.  So, they figured that they would just get the states out of the way and bring about their evil transformation a little bit at a time before the American People could realize what was happening.  This was the intention of the 17th amendment and they devilishly beguiled the American People into believing that the popular election of Senators would give them more power…when in fact, the opposite was true; it shackled the states AND the people.   Again, please remember, that Congress had no authority to make this change. 

Now take a look at the ratification process explained in Article V of our Constitution; it concludes with the following: 

  “…and that no State, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate 

Keep in mind that this clause is un-amendable; yet the 17th amendment was rammed through regardless of the fact that Utah and Delaware voted AGAINST the amendment.  Therefore they lost their suffrage WITHOUT their consent. Since then, Delaware ratified it but not until 2010.  No action has been taken from Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Virginia; ALL of which have lost their suffrage WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT simply because they haven’t given it yet. 

So according to Article 1 section 4 and Article V, the 17th amendment is unconstitutional and should be repealed by Congress on an immediate and permanent basis. 

What of the Progressive/Socialists in our beloved Congress? What can we do to find out more about their dastardly plans for Circle slashAmerica? What of the Progressive/Socialist laughing at us from the Oval Office? What of those who consider themselves to be “fashionable” or “interesting” by referring to themselves as Progressives? It must be fashionable and interesting to be ignorant as well but I must say that it’s inexcusable and that their trendy ignorance is a menace to our liberty and our God given way of life. 

If we repeal the 17th amendment we can restore our Republic to her greatness and watch as liberty and freedom are pried out of the iron fists of our Federal Government and put back into the open hands of the American People and the states where they belong.  We can stop this Progressive movement that has shackled our nation’s mobility for over 100 years and re-establish a republic that will, once again, lead the world in the fight against tyranny and oppression rather than contributing to them.



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William Randolph Hearst: Media Magnate, Millionarie and…Socialist?

Dear LibertySocialism

In order to truly and effectively conquer a culture, it is important to eliminate or, at the very least, rewrite their history. Within one generation, a mere 25 years, their traditions, beliefs and practices will literally fade into the past and this new perspective will ultimately become their reality.

A firm understanding of this concept is important because it separates the meaning of two words that are commonly, but incorrectly, used interchangeably…reality and truth. Reality is a person’s perspective on a specific subject and there can be several different perspectives on any given subject. The truth, however, is concealed deeply within the combination of all the perspectives and it requires extra effort from an individual to ponder and think beyond their own perspective to find the actual truth. Sometimes facts are intentionally obscured, left out or altered to influence a desired outcome; when that happens, the perspective has been changed and a new reality can be projected and perceived. So what then happens to truth?

This is not a philosophy lesson by any means but relate the above concept to the media and its potential. The media has the ability to influence, to change one’s perspective, to alter their reality if you will; it’s a very powerful estate and one that needs to be utilized wisely. But I submit to you that its power has been abused. The media, all media, no longer report the facts; they report a perspective and depending upon who is reporting the information is whose reality you are going to get. Now, relate this to history and how those who write it have the ability to change a reality and replace it with a new “truth”.

When we think of William Randolph Hearst the first thing that we think of is Hearst Castle and the amazing stories on how he unselfishly and lavishly entertained the most influential people of his time. We remember hearing about the extended courtesies of his providing entire wardrobes for his guests while they resided at The Castle. We remember how his family so kindly donated Hearst Castle to the State of California so that millions of people could enjoy it. What a wonderful picture history paints of this man. Or should I say what a wonderful picture history RE-paints of this man?

What you will learn here about William Randolph Hearst might surprise you. What you were not told about him was that in the early years of his reign as a media giant he was the ultimate Progressive/Socialist and an enemy of our Constitution. He supported The American Socialist Movement’s philosophy of a large, centralized Federal Government that was to somehow magically solve all of society’s ills. In order to accomplish these ends, he aggressively used his vast influence as a media magnate to destroy the stronghold of the United States Constitution; state’s rights. He knew that by silencing the state’s voice in Washington DC he would be able to open the gates for the Progressive/Socialists to march in and exact their evil influence over our republic.

As if that wasn’t enough, Hearst’s motivation was first and foremost opportunistic. The Socialist Movement provided Hearst with an opportunity to promote himself, his empire and change the very nature of the role that Journalism played in the United States.

In last week’s letter we entered a quote by Comrade Hearst where he very clearly exposed his ambitions for the Press to replace the States Legislatures as the “protectors of the people and the States”! Wait a minute! I thought that was why our Founding Fathers gave us a Constitution! I thought that was why they created a House of Representatives to represent the people and a Senate to represent the states! I thought that it was these elective bodies that were constitutionally assigned the tasks of protecting us from the Federal Government! Why then was it Mr. Hearst’s ambition to have a faceless, unelected body of narcissistic cowards act in their stay? The answer is: POWER, MONEY AND INFLUENCE !

William Randolph Hearst wanted nothing more than to springboard the press into becoming the most powerful and influential bodyimages in America. His ambition was clear; to use the press to influence thought, thereby influence policy and pave the way for Socialism’s grand entrance into America. There was, however, something standing in his way; the gatekeeper of Liberty and the watchdog over the Federal Government; it was the powerful United States Senate. In an effort to remove this Constitutional obstacle from his path he unjustifiably targeted the Senate by hiring a literary hit man, by the name of David Graham Phillips, to write a piece that would be published in Hearst’s own Cosmopolitan Magazine. He published a series of 9 Articles beginning in March of 1906 entitled, “The Treason of the Senate”. In these articles, Mr. Phillips exposed the worst in the worst Senators. He exposed their pasts, their inside deals, their crimes and their selfish maneuvering. But the smarmy trick that Mr. Phillips played on America was that he blamed the corruption of these men on the manner in which they were elected. Remember that Senators were originally appointed by each state’s legislature.

Though the allegations of corruption were often trumped up and more often misrepresented, Mr. Phillips was successful in his charade to shift the focus from the actual corruption of these Senators onto the manner in which they were appointed. Keep in mind that the Senate was established to protect state’s rights at the federal level; state’s needs and interests are established and held by each of the states legislatures. His goal was to sever the ties between the state legislatures and the Federal Government. Armed with a host of sensational lies, misrepresentations and outright deceit, Hearst through Phillips, set out to convince the American people that the direct election of their Senators would ultimately give them more power and put an end to the corruption in the Senate. Both were lies.

For years Hearst and his crusaders pushed for the direct election of U.S. Senators and finally, in 1913, the 17th amendment was ratified under the Progressive/Socialist Woodrow Wilson. Ever since 1913, not a single state in the union has had true representation at the Federal Legislative table and the American people have had no buffer to protect them from the power grabbing clutches of an overbearing and ever expanding Federal government. Our system of checks and balances was shattered.

What did the 17th amendment do for corruption? NOTHING! What did the 17th amendment do for the people? NOTHING! What did the 17th amendment do for state rights and sovereignty? IT DESTROYED BOTH! What did it do to the U. S. Senate? IT DESTROYED IT!

Ah, but what has the 17th done for the Progressive/Socialists who believe in expanding the influence of the Federal Government? It established its dominance over the states. It lengthened its reach into the homes, bedrooms and lives of the very people who were fooled into supporting its ratification. It broadened its influence over private businesses and industries. It allowed it to establishFire control over the minerals and precious resources under the soil and in the forests located within the legal boundaries of each sovereign state. The Federal Government has assumed millions upon millions of acres of state land and declared them National. It has allowed them the latitude to arbitrarily impose hostile and oppressive regulations that are intended to target and destroy industries that do not help them promote their agenda. Look at this administration’s promise to “bankrupt the coal industry” and their promise that “under their policies, energy costs would skyrocket”. Look at Obamacare, it is tragic, Socialist garbage designed to do two things; cripple the health care industry and exact more control over the American People.

Since the states have been handcuffed, the Federal Government can waste our tax dollars on any program that it feels will advance its agenda; take Solyndra for instance. Because spending is now unfettered we have a national debt approaching 18 trillion dollars; we are broke. The 17th amendment gave way to this kind of reckless abandon and insane Executive power.

There are two questions that I seek answers for: When will the American people realize that it’s time to re-establish states rights and take back this nation from a radical and out of control Federal Government? and When will The honor, dignity and authority of the upper chamber be restored so that a U. S. Senator can, once again, stand strong and courageously in defense of his or her state?

It’s time to Repeal the 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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How the 17th Amendment Has Destroyed This Republic

Dear Liberty;take-back-america

I can think of no other call for public action that is more important to the survival of this republic than that of the immediate restoration of state’s rights.  Our Constitution ensured that each state would remain a sovereign and independent entity and that together, as a united Republic, they would “pay” the Federal Government to perform certain tasks that each state could not perform efficiently on their own.   

Our Forefathers never meant for the Federal Government to have the power to tell the states what they could and could not do.  In fact, they were so concerned with the prospect of the Federal Government growing too powerful that our Founders established the US Senate specifically to protect and defend the states against the possibility of any such future tyranny. As far back as 1781, maintaining state sovereignty was an important issue with our Founders; this is evidenced by an entry made in Article II of the Articles of Confederation that reads; “Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom and independence….”.  

Around 1890, there emerged a group of people who didn’t like the fact that the Federal Government was controlled by the States and more importantly they didn’t like the fact that it had to confer with the States, in all matters, before this protective body known as the United States Senate. This group of people, who opposed the rightful sovereignty of the States, were the Progressive/Socialists.  Their greed for power, money and control of America’s precious resources drove their cause to redefine and “transform” these United States by lying to the American People. They, by a conniving scheme, introduced the 17th amendment. They fooled America into believing that the direct election of Senators would give the people more power, mitigate corruption and eliminate the interference from special interest groups. This was an ingenious plan but it was nothing more than a wicked plot to destroy the worlds first and only Representative Democracy.  Their campaign was based on lies and packed with misinformation, but it worked. 

VOTESince that time, so many people have grown to believe that their vote doesn’t matter.  How many people don’t even bother going to the voting polls because they honestly believe that their vote doesn’t count?  The answer is MILLIONS!  The reason that people feel powerless nowadays is that we truly are.  There is no real “state representation” in Washington DC anymore.  There is no one doing battle to ensure that each state retains their sovereignty and maintains their Constitutionally guaranteed right to govern themselves.  What the American People have forgotten is that it was the Progressives who so deviously destroyed the original intent of U.S. Senator, which was to protect the states and the people from being pushed around by the Federal Government.  

When the 17th amendment was ratified in 1913, the Progressives went full steam ahead, cramming their will down the throats of American People.  Since that time there has been a huge expansion of the Federal Government at the expense of individual and state freedom.                                                                                

Do you ever stop and wonder why there seems to be no one in Washington DC who truly represents your values or stands up for the things that you believe in? The reason is that the “powerhouse”, the Senate, that used to be the state’s watchdog over the Federal Government has completely lost it’s authority.  Since 1913, no state has had the ability to send representatives from their legislatures, so the states, who were once the mighty keystones of liberty have become a powerless, voiceless and invisible entity. In steps the Federal Government began to exercise the power that they stole from the Senate, aided by the newly proclaimed watch dogs of the American people and the “keeper of their freedoms”…The Press. 

Here is the Progressive/Socialist William Randolph Hearst on the subject: 

“Who is to protect us from the Senate?” Hearst asks.  It’s not the States Legislature who were, by our Founders intended to be the protectors of our liberties.  No, his answer to the question is “Who, then is to protect the people but THE PRESS?”

William R. Hearst “The Treason of the Senate “. 

This was obviously a selfish and wicked act to propel the power of the media, to ring shank the American People and to expand the Progressive/Socialist agenda of increasing the power of the government.  How well has that worked out for us? 

Cuffed-Hands-150x150[1]Every single state in this union has been handcuffed since the ratification of the 17th amendment.  The Federal Government has literally held every state, and therefore every person, hostage.  They now have the power to dictate, mandate and impose programs, regulations and legislations that the people don’t want. Take ObamaCare for instance.  I guarantee that if each state had PROPER representation in the U.S. Senate, this tragic, manipulative and overbearing mandate would never have been forced down our throats.  It never would have even made the floor for consideration. ObamaCare and the Progressive/Socialists owe the victory of this oppressive legislation to the 17th Amendment. 

So, who is going to stand up to an out of control Executive (with a pen and a phone) and tell him that he can’t have any moreDEBT Cartoon, Why Fix the Plumbing... money?  Not the US Senate!  Stop and think for a second about where the Federal Government gets its money…Yes, the States and the people.  Remember that the original intent of the Federal Government was to be an “employee” of the collective states. The Federal Government was supposed to listen to us on how much of our money we wanted them to spend and on what.  The Feds are out of control with our hard earned money.  They spend our money recklessly then turn to us and DEMAND more.  When was the last time you heard a president politely ask for more money?  NEVER!  They DEMAND it through tax hikes and penalties but they never make an effort to cut spending.  The 17th amendment made sure that the states would have no power to stand up and say “NO MORE” because the Senators are little more than “Yes Ambassadors” for the Federal Government. More often than not these days, our esteemed US Senators see themselves as representatives of the Federal Government, whose job it is to sell the Federal Agenda to their States.  

The High Cost of It AllWith over 17 trillion in national debt how much more can we pile on our children and Grandchildren?  This is real folks!  This is a serious injustice that we are inflicting on the up and coming generation. We say that we care about them; we say that we are looking out for them, we make them wear seat belts, bicycle and skateboard helmets, demand that fast food establishments offer apple strips instead of French fries then we break their backs with a crushing debt that they will NEVER be able to get out from under.  Who is benefiting from this “its for your own good” type of government?  The answer; the Federal Government, because the more that they “give”, the more they can control the states and the people.  A full repeal of the 17th amendment would bring a little common sense to Washington DC in the form of 2 representatives from each state legislature that will stand up and say “We’re not going to take it anymore”. 

pork-barrel-316Who decided that it was ok to fund programs with money from hard working Americans that benefit an embarrassingly small group of people? How many programs exist that benefit NO ONE?  We laugh about these programs all the time; programs like the study of the reproductive habits of snails and the like.  What good comes from these programs? More importantly, WHO CARES? The snails might care but they already know how they do it; so I ask again WHO CARES?  Representatives from each state legislature, TRULY representing the interests of each state would have the power to put their feet down and put an end to this kind of insanity.  It sounds funny but it’s not a laughing matter; it’s a foul and disgusting misuse of our money and it needs to stop.  A repeal of the 17th amendment would give each state a fighting chance to put an end to this kind of ludicrous spending. 

Dear Liberty, will you help us make a move toward restoring the original order of this country?  A true republic where THE PEOPLEDCM_Liberty_960x447 and THE STATES are TRULY in control of the Federal Government.  Help us move together as a people who will view our diversity as a strength and who will no longer stand for the divisiveness of a lawless Executive who wants nothing more than to divide us up and watch us destroy each other. Help us stand together with the courage that we need to put the states back in the driver’s seat with a repeal of the 17th amendment and a firm repudiation the Progressive/ Socialist tyranny that has been plaguing our beloved republic.


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Repeal and Liberate

Dear Liberty;


There is no doubt in my mind that this is by far the most lawless and unconstitutional administration in the history of this republic. Woodrow Wilson could have only dreamed of getting away with such blatant, grotesque and foul disregard for the values of liberty and freedom. His dedication and hard work in eradicating the protective properties that our Constitution once offered, is now being enjoyed by America’s most divisive and constitutionally caustic president.

Like Martin Luther King Jr., I too have a dream. My dream, like his, is inspired by the precious gifts of freedom, honor and dignity. A dream in which those gifts are enjoyed by a people who are not afraid to protect the moral standards and values that America once stood for. My dream is about an America that includes a people who have the courage to, once again, stand strong against the tyranny of an out of control Executive without the fear of being silenced by a collection of lawless and oppressive agencies and their complicit media partners.

America was once like the America in my dream; she was dignified and honorable. She was the harbinger of world peace because of her unprecedented strength and her commitment to protecting the weak. She was a beacon of hope for those who were beaten down and a destination of safety for those who were oppressed. She was a giant among nations and an example to the world on how to govern…it was the voice of her people that made her strong and noble not the boot heel of her government.

Someone stole her backbone. Someone amended the vital components of the main source of her strength and left a shell that barely resembles the world’s first and only Representative Democracy. These thieves were the Progressives…the Socialists.

Socialism is built on the premise of strong central control. This central control of all industries, institutions and businesses is the premier characteristic of Socialism. This control ensures that the government will dictate how much, to whom and when. Socialism requires that the central government be the only source that establishes the rights of the people and is exclusively responsible for “updating” those rights as it feels necessary. This “updating” usually is used to re-establish, maintain, or increase central control.

Keep the above characteristics of Socialism in mind while you ponder the answer to this one very important question. Why would a Progressive/Socialist want to amend the United States Constitution to increase the control of the people and further limit the powers of the Federal Government? The answer is…He wouldn’t. It would seem logical that a Progressive/Socialist would introduce an amendment that would do the exact opposite wouldn’t it?

Let’s take a look at the 17th amendment which was “sold” to the America People by the Progressive/Socialists from 1906 to 1913 when it was finally ratified. It established the right of the people to elect their U.S. Senators by popular election rather than having them be appointed by each state’s legislature the way that our Forefathers originally intended.

Our Forefather’s established the Senate and its members as a mechanism of maintaining state sovereignty. This state sovereignty was the backbone to America’s strength; it was the ONLY way to ensure that the states were protected from the Federal Government. It was the only way to ensure that the Federal Government would not be able to control the states. Now, stop and look what has happened; no state representation since 1913 and the federal Government has been in complete control ever since. The Progressive/Socialist agenda accomplished.

What I am about to tell you is not an opinion, it is a constitutional fact and anyone who will try to tell you otherwise is either lying to you, is ignorant or both. The repeal of the 17th amendment will re-establish state sovereignty, dramatically increase state and individual rights and put the Federal Government back in its cage where it belongs. The media, who has lots to lose with a repeal, will lead the charge against it by reprinting the lies that they used fool America into supporting the amendment. Our plan is to expose their wicked selfishness before they have a chance to do it again.

If you believe in freedom and you believe in liberty and you want a stronger voice at the federal level then we must repeal the 17th amendment.

For the next several weeks we will be posting a series of letters that make a case for re-establishing the greatness of this republic through this repeal. If you have concerns or questions, please post them as a comment and we will answer them in a dignified, respectful and informative manner. Please also share this information with your friends and family and have them post their concerns as well. This is a movement that requires the participation of a well informed electorate. Won’t you join us in this cause to restore our freedoms?

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Divide and Conquer

 Dear Liberty;

The most effective way to overcome an enemy is to slowly divide them up, set them in opposition to one another, then sit back and watch them destroy themselves.  Through history this has been a technique known as “divide and conquer”. 

Now step back and take a look at the United Sates of America…we have been visibly and severely divided.  The question is: Who or what is dividing us? Do we have a Constitution that no longer meets the needs of the people or are we a people who no longer understand the intent of our Constitution?  Our Constitution is not a divisive document; on the contrary, it is a unifying document that was and is, intended to unify the people AND the states so that together we can manage the federal government…but who has been managing who?

This republic was designed to be managed from the bottom up…the people’s wishes and needs were to be met first. Each state was given representation at the federal level to ensure that they would maintain their sovereignty…it was intended that the states would issue their mandates to the federal government.  The original function of the federal government was to protect the people and the RIGHTS of the people. These are not theories…these are a facts!  Anyone who would debate these facts has neither a working knowledge of our Constitution nor a concept of what our forefathers intended for this republic. 

When will America stand up to those who are so desperately trying to divide up this country and destroy her? 

There is a stalemate in Washington DC and a division among the people; we have Republicans blaming Democrats; Democrats blaming Republicans…we are at each other’s throats and on the verge of destroying what we all so dearly love…while all along someone is watching…someone who has orchestrated the ultimate divide and conquer…someone who so desperately wants Lady Liberty to die.   Someone, somewhere is waiting to stand on a platform on which say  “See, capitalism doesn’t work…the Constitution doesn’t work…it’s time for something different!”  That someone recently said that he wanted to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” 

The Social Progressives have been somewhat successful in selling the idea to the American People that a Representative  Democracy doesn’t work, but their sales job is more of a snow job.  What they aren’t saying is the fact that our federal government isn’t truly operating within the bounds of our Constitution; it hasn’t been run as a Constitutional Republic with functioning checks and balances in over 100 years.  The fact is that this Republic is being run into the ground by our federal government who has deviously been applying the destructive principles of Socialism.  Sadly, the ideals and principles found in our Constitution have largely been abandoned; and the result?…a nation falling from grace; filled with people who are begging for someone to reunite them.

The American people have somehow forgotten that the United States of America became the greatest nation on earth by adhering to a carefully devised set of rules which ensured that the people would always have the last word…that each individual state would remain sovereign and that the federal government would be paid to do the things that the states could not do effectively for themselves.  It was never meant that the federal government would be able to dictate and mandate what the states or the people had to do.  Oh, but how things have changed! 

Why isn’t our system working anymore? The answer to that question can be found if we take the time to look back into our history; just over a hundred years ago…back to 1913 and the ratification of the 17th amendment. Most people don’t know this but our forefathers designed this republic so that the people would choose who they wanted to represent them as individuals at the federal level.  These people were appropriately referred to as members of the House of Representatives.  To ensure that each state was to remain sovereign, each state was to choose two individuals to represent them at the federal level; these individuals were referred to as Senators and they were chosen by the members of each state’s legislature. This very concept was put in place to ensure that the states would always have control over the federal government.  It also made sure that the people of each state would be very careful with whom they chose as state legislators. 

The Socialists, sorry; Progressives, saw that one of the ways that the federal government could expand it’s power was to establish a Federal Income Tax, thus the 16th Amendment; BUT, that was the car without the engine.  The final nail in the coffin was the 17th Amendment; it was established as a means to eliminate state representation and silence them by mitigating the intended authority of each state by killing the intended purpose of the U.S. Senate.  It was an ingenious but devious plan to fool the people into believing that they would have a louder voice but the opposite was true; the states lost control and the federal government has been running roughshod over the states ever since. 

So, incomes the 17th amendment hailed by the Socialist, sorry; Progressive, Woodrow Wilson who outwardly opposed our Constitution.  He was able to sell it to the people by fooling them into believing that this would give the people more power to prevent corruption.  It was an outright lie and since 1913 our sovereign states have not had any representation at the legislative table in Washington.  Not one single state has a voice in any matter that goes before the Senate.  The outcome is an out of control federal government that mandates to the States what they are going to do and how they are going to do it.   This is a fact and it is how we lost the precious checks and balances that our Founders so consciously put in place to protect us from tyranny.   This is the very reason why we now find ourselves in the clutches of a tyrannical administration that has no respect for the people OR the States and little or no concern for our Constitution.   

Thank you Socialists, sorry; Progressives. Oh what the heck they’re Socialists.

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Economics 101

Dear Liberty;

Someone once told me that you couldn’t run the government like it was a business… sadly, this individual was one of my college Political Science professors and needless to say, I spent the next several minutes offering my opinion as to why I believed that he was incorrect. Keep in mind that he was of the school of thought that Jimmy Carter was an economic genius…nuff said.

For those who subscribe to the discipline of “tax and spend” let me point out some basic principles that fall under the category of common sense rather than political philosophy.


YOU CAN NOT SPEND MORE THAN YOU TAKE IN and expect to have enough money to continue to pay all of your bills. UNLESS you plan on borrowing money to cover the gap between what you earn and what you pay out.

Here in lies the problem…remember that when you borrow money there is a thing called interest and interest actually increases your debt, ergo decreasing your net worth by increasing your income to debt ratio. Borrowing money to pay your bills is an economic term known as “kicking the can down the road” but ultimately the chickens will come home to roost and the time will eventually come to pay the piper…for those of you who are considering the concept of borrowing money and investing it with the hopes of covering the cost of the interest AND turning a profit…that’s just plain dangerous and its done on Wall Street every day…it’s gambling and not a sound business practice especially when you are speaking about gambling with someone else’s hard earned money (mine and yours)…so what to do? This brings us to our second principle.


YOU CAN’T PRINT MORE DOLLAR BILLS and expect them to hold their value. Remember the concept of supply and demand? The more there is of something, the less expensive it becomes. Well, the same principle holds true for our dollar bill. While increasing the physical number of dollar bills into circulation creates the illusion that there is “more money” the fact of the matter is that the actual value of each dollar decreases…and it actually decreases in direct proportion to the number of bills that were increased (printed).

Now, since the dollar has a physically decreased value it makes it appealing for countries like China, who have a huge export surplus, to purchase extremely large quantities of our dollar bills on the open market…after all, our dollar is a tradable commodity. This sounds good on the front end from a supply and demand standpoint and the thinking person might ask “well, doesn’t the mass purchase for our dollar increase its value while at the same time limiting the supply and again increasing its value?”. Not so fast, the answer is yes, but for a short term only. Remember, now there is less money in circulation and so the tendency is to???…You got it…Print more money. Now do you see what begins to happen?

What happens when the “investors” want to call on their investment? In other words they want to sell their dollars and make their profit…Right again, more dollars back in circulation and more than there were to begin with and therefore a further devaluation of the dollar.

Remember when the dollar is worth less it will take more actual dollars to purchase the same product, to make the same product, to market the same product…on and on and on. So companies find ways to cut costs because their materials are more expensive, their labor is more expensive…quality goes down, staff is reduced, unemployment goes up, less products are purchased, prices go up to “make up for lost business”…hmm does this scenario look or sound familiar?

Not So Common Sense Principle #3

The “green thing” happens…while on the outset it sounds like a wonderful concept… “We’re going green!” hmmm everybody loves the idea of saving the environment and being “responsible” (Not just Liberals) but face it, no one likes inferior products either…no one likes opening a bottle of water and having it squirt all over their clothes because the bottle is feeble…that’s a result of “green”… A company will claim “We used less plastic in making this bottle” to appear to be environmentally friendly. Even though they used less plastic they will still charge their customer the same price while the consumer gets the crap end of the stick and the wet lap.

Here’s the funny thing…in an effort to “save the environment” our plastic bottle manufacturers use less plastic; about 1/4 less plastic per bottle in fact..but they have produced almost twice as many plastic bottles as before the “green movement”. The fact is that there is just as much particulate matter put into the atmosphere from manufacturing the “green” plastic bottle as there is with the “un green” plastic bottle (the quality bottle)…but there are more of them being made…umm…ya more pollution…less green…and right again, more profit for the inferior product at the expense and aggravation of the consumer…even the green consumer.

Dear Liberty, can we just start applying a little common sense?

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Dear Liberty;

You and I both know that Socialism is built on a whole host of “good ideas” that just aren’t realistic. It’s based on the ideology of promising to provide the necessities of life and promoting prosperity and then holding the people hostage to exact control from them. This is a fact, not a theory and it just doesn’t work…I know, I know someone’s thinking “Then why is it working in Sweden?!” My answer? It ISN’T working in Sweden…it’s been an overt failure and I will debate ANYONE on the issue but that’s a topic for another letter.

Let’s be realistic, I don’t think that there is an American in their right mind who wants an unemployed, hungry and homeless populace. I truly believe that everyone wants every single man, woman and child to go to bed every single night in a warm bed with a full belly…but we need to be asking ourselves a very important question: Whose job is it to make sure that it happens? How you answer that question will expose your political philosophy.

The strong Christian nature of the American People, during the early stages of our development as a country, dictated the answer to the above question. They operated on the premise that they were their brother’s keeper. They believed in assisting in the safety, well-being, and condition of their neighbor. It would have been an insult to anyone of them if a direct neighbor was forced to go to someone else for assistance because of one’s failure to notice and provide a need…most of the time a neighbor’s needs were met long before they had to ask for help. A simple study of Colonial American values will confirm this fact. That’s the reason why these programs were not written into our Constitution; it wasn’t because there weren’t people in need in 1787 but rather it was the common belief that it was clearly NOT the emerging Federal Government’s responsibility.

So Liberty, have we come so far away from our historic values that we truly believe that it is someone else’s responsibility to help our neighbor? Have we been somehow so “separated” from one another that we no longer care if a neighbor is in need? I have observed that no matter what party you are affiliated with, no matter how far left or how far right…we ALL preach a fondness for charity and goodwill. So what is separating us?….WHO is separating us? And why do we continue to give control to our federal government by looking to them for this kind of help?

We’ve said this before Liberty; just because its a good idea it does NOT mean that it’s Constitutional. Just because someone says that it’s common sense, does not mean that it shouldn’t be debated. Who is responsible for fooling us into believing that the concepts of “common sense legislation” and “Constitutional legislation” are interchangeable? The answer is easy…it would be someone who is trying to confuse us; someone who is attempting to mix principles that are un-mixable in an effort to build a platform from which they could stand upon and shout “This American experiment just isn’t working!”

I truly do not believe that we, as Americans, have “abandoned” our principles more than I believe that we have been taught to forget them; or perhaps at least we have been led to misunderstand them. A simple reuniting of The People with our Forefather’s founding principles should quickly tell us who should be in office and who should not. It would show us who is willing to protect these principles and who is trying to change them under the pretense of “Progressive” thinking. By the way, Progressivism has NOTHING to do with progress, it is a regressive ideology which has recently failed Greece, Italy, the FORMER Soviet Union…the list goes on…Let’s not be fooled by those who are trying to divide us.

A simple litmus test to see if a legislation is Constitutional or not is to check it against Article 1, Section 8 of our Constitution. That section lists 18 very specific powers that the people and the states gave (enumerated) to the federal government. After reading that section, read the oft forgotten Tenth Amendment; this amendment states that any power not specifically given to the federal government will remain in the hands of the states and the people. This should clear up a lot for people who TRULY accept the United States Constitution as the “law of the land”.

Don’t let legislators fool you with the commerce clause either; that’s what they did with Obamacare….the Commerce Clause’s stated intent is to REGULATE commerce between the states not CREATE it or FORCE it. Don’t let them fool you with “promoting the general welfare” either; legislators who cling to these “catch-all” statements are either ignorant, Socialists or both.

Liberty, I am still shocked that a President of the United States of America had the lack of respect for Congress AND the American People to stand up in a State of the Union Address and pledge to break a pledge that he made when he took office…to support and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. I am also shocked that members of Congress, who took that same oath, applauded his dictatorial motive. I am also sorely disappointed that the media, whose duty is to inform, did not take the time to point out his intended and blatant breach of law.

In a conversation with a dear friend today, I stated that our values needed to change. The informed should be feeling an obligation to take care of the uninformed in a compassionate and respectful manner. Is there any difference in taking advantage of someone who doesn’t know their rights than there is in taking advantage of someone with a physical limitation? We pass laws that require ramps to be provided for people in wheelchairs, elevators for people who can’t climb stairs and provide convenient parking spaces for those who need them. Why then don’t we provide similar assistance for those who need help making INFORMED decisions before they enter the voting booth?
Now, before anyone accuses me of suggesting that we tell people how to vote, let me just say that this is what the Progressives have done by lying and misinforming the people. I’m talking about reintroducing the people to their Constitution so they can make decisions that better their lives, expand their freedoms and secure the blessings of liberty to themselves and their posterity.

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Lights Out On the Free Market

Dear Liberty;

I need your help. I read that the economist Fredric Bastiat said the following: 

“Economies don’t create jobs and wealth on net by destroying things that are working well or with unproductive busy work.  All these jobs have costs, costs that could pay for jobs producing something new rather than complying with regulatory mandates. 

So, why then is my government turning out the lights?  As of New Year’s Day,  our  federal government has forbidden the production of the incandescent lightbulb.  FORBIDDEN because THEY feel that it is in our own best interest to force us to purchase a new alternative.  I don’t want people to be so quick to blame President Obama for this one though because he can truly pin this one on his predecessor.  George Bush signed this act into law in 2007…yes, I was as outraged then as I am now.

This is a classic example of why the “green movement” is so ill regarded by those who harbor free market principles. The fact is that the light bulb that we use to light up our closet will now cost us up to $36.00…yes, the decimal is in the right place; but the good side is that instead of having to change the closet light bulb every 5 years or so we will now be able to put that daunting task off for 20 or 25 years.  WOW, what a relief! And it only costs us $36.00! Remember though that that’s just the closet…I counted 88 lightbulbs in my house…ya, that’s almost $3200.00…Hmmm, this has got me thinking.

The federal government says that it’s a better product and say that they are doing us a favor.  I’ve even heard some supporters refer to it as an “investment” because these bulbs consume about 80%+- less energy, so we will save money over time.  How can I thank them for mandating where I invest my hard earned money?  Here are some questions that I have for the “Socialist Green Investment Advisors”: What if I’m not very well off and can’t afford a $36.00 light bulb to illuminate the light in my infant’s bedroom? What if I am forced into making the choice between purchasing a lightbulb or making my child’s copay on the inflated Obamacare plan that I got scammed into buying?  Oh Liberty, please don’t tell me that the Feds will be offering a subsidy like they did with cell phones! 

Here’s a question; What if the federal government made everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, whether they needed one or not, buy a Mercedes Benz because they’re a safer alternative than lets say…a Yugo?  Even better,  lets make it a classic Mercedes because its more of an “investment” since it will not only hold its value but will most likely increase in value.  Would they care who could afford it or would they justify it because in ten years one will be able to sell it for more money?  Would they tell us that they get better gas mileage than an old Yugo and that we would save there too? Would they remind us of the wonderful things that we would be doing for the environment as we used less fuel? 

Here’s another question: Why don’t they ban all “economy brand” products like those paper towel rolls that are smaller and that are made with 1/2 as much paper (sorry trees!), yes, the ones that we have to use twice as many because they are half as efficient. Many people don’t buy those products because they are substandard but you know, Dear Liberty, that there those who have to buy them because they’re on a tight budget and can’t afford the name brand items but at least they have an alternative.  

On another end of the spectrum, many of the companies that manufacture these new CFL and LED bulbs are located in countries like China and from what I hear, there are no plans to open up plants in the US to manufacture them because of the environmental concerns with producing these products.  Fear not though because all of the plants producing the evil incandescent bulbs will be shut down and their employees sent home…ya, more Americans in the unemployment line!

Here’s something interesting for the green crowd.  A study by UC Irvine showed that there are high levels of arsenic, lead, nickel and other carcinogens that are used in the production of LED bulbs.  So, number one, and this is funny, the same people who lobbied for the LED mandate will most likely be the same ones who will soon be lobbying against their domestic production.  Then the kicker; because of the high level of environmentally unfriendly ingredients, the disposal of these bulbs will soon be regulated under hazardous waste restrictions.  The UC Irvine report also mentioned that HAZMAT suits should be required for people who clean up after car accidents or broken traffic lights where LED bulbs are involved.  Hmmm, it makes me think twice about “investing” in one of these “environmentally safe” bulbs for my infants bedroom.  

The incandescent lightbulb is sounding better and better to me all the time but sadly, our government has outlawed them.  Liberty, help us convince them to let the free market decide what will and will not be sold? You know as well as I do that if a product is good enough, people will buy it; if it isn’t good enough then they won’t buy it.  Can you tell me why a free society is being forced to buy something to begin with? First, healthcare now lightbulbs…then what? LIghtbulbs aren’t a tax, are they ? And They are as necessary to society as Health Care.  Heck, the surgeons couldn’t perform without lightbulbs.  Dr.’s couldn’t practice without lightbulbs. Hmmmm, this is exhausting.  

The fact is, that if a product is environmentally friendly, cheaper to produce, more profitable to sell and superior in quality to the alternative product then the free market will automatically move to that product.  Why let the federal government force a product down our throats before the free market has an opportunity to work out the kinks?

Dear Liberty, please help us to find a way to convince those in power to keep the incandescent lightbulb in production until there is an affordable and more acceptable alternative.  It just makes good common sense.  American Exceptionalism will always help us succeed and a large part of that exceptionalism hinges on your presence in our lives. Liberty, give us the ability to choose, for ourselves, those products that best fit our needs and budgets.

How on earth is it Constitutional for our government to decide which products and industries are acceptable or not?  

On January 1, 2014, marijuana  became legal for recreational use in Colorado signaling the birth of a newly legalized industry on the same day the incandescent light bulb was banned for …….   What was the reason again ? 


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The Greatest Trick Ever Played

Dear Liberty;

It has been said that the most effective thing that Satan ever did was to convince the world that he didn’t exist. This “trick” is effective because when people stop believing in him, they stop believing in his evil influence as well…they ultimately begin to believe that bad things just happen; that there is really no evil and any such talk is little more than the ravings of religious conspiracy theorists. This is all part of Satan’s plan…to have the people of the world let down their guard and then slip silently into their collective consciousness to subjugate and destroy the souls of all mankind.

So exists the illusion that tyranny doesn’t exist…the illusion that tyranny is reserved for other nations far removed from us…that we are somehow immune to such things as oppression because we are the United States of America and we have a Constitution that protects us from such frightful things.

I listened with great concern when I heard Piers Morgan literally ridicule a guest on his show for stating that our second amendment was established as a means to protect ourselves against tyranny…I watched in awe as he attempted to discredit this guest by asking him questions like “do you know how ridiculous you sound?” and I watched in horror as I heard Mr. Morgan allude to the fact that the possibility of tyranny did not exist for the United States…that people who believed that tyranny is a possibility were nothing more that conspiracy theorists and fools.

Well I guess our forefathers were nothing more than conspiracy theorists and fools; because Mr. Morgan, that is the exact reason why they wrote the second amendment into our Bill of Rights…and to scoff at such absolute fact sir, exposes your ignorance of our Constitution and in my opinion discredits your credentials as an effective journalist. While tyranny might not now exist in the ranks of our federal government, our forefathers had enough insight and experience to anticipate the possibility of such a situation in the future. In their wisdom and foresight, they wrote in a stop gap measure just in case it decided to try and “creep in”.

Dearest Liberty, I find it more than ironic that the body that our second amendment was established to protect us from is that very same body that is trying to limit our access to the rights that that amendment guarantees…hmmm…the image of the fox guarding the hen house comes to mind; especially when I hear our federal government saying things like “this is for your own good” and “we will make America a safer place”. A safer place for what Mr. Obama?! A safer place for whom?! You must be more specific sir because I believe you are only speaking about half of what you are thinking.

Thomas Jefferson once said, ““I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” Mr. Morgan, I believe this statement was made to warn us about people like you.

Liberty, can you help me clear something up for those who do not already know this: The federal government does not give the American people their rights…it is the American people who give the federal government IT’S rights. This is a Constitutional fact, not an opinion. So when the federal government attempts to take away ANY right and exercises unwarranted control over the American people it should be a red flag to us that there is something amiss…that there is something very wrong happening in Washington DC…that there exists, the very possibility of….dare I say it?….tyranny?

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Is It Constitutional?

Dear Liberty;

Something has occurred to me, something so simple and subtle yet so devious and cunning.

For years I have listened as our legislators and members of the mainstream media have tried their very best to convince the American People that certain laws needed to be passed. As I have listened to their speeches and read their columns I have observed something; the subject of each was not important…it was the carefully selected verbiage of their sales pitch that got my attention. I began to find entertainment in picking out the freshly minted turns of phrases that will saturate the airwaves and soon infiltrate the conversation around our dinner tables. However, on reflection it wasn’t so entertaining when I realized that it was all part of a planned manipulation.

I heard terms like “common sense legislation” “meaningful legislation” and wanting to enact policies that “just made good sense”. These terms were all followed by lengthy rhetoric intended to convince me that THEY knew more about what I wanted and needed than I did. Then they mixed in terms like tolerance, freedom, equality, prosperity and even mentioned you, Liberty, in a blatantly deceitful play to win my trust……..to lull me……….no, to con me into the misguided belief that their ideas were somehow in complete harmony with the American Spirit and our Constitution.

Check these out: Nancy Pelosi in 2008 continuously spoke about her “Commonsense plan” to lower gas prices. When that plan was finally revealed, gas prices literally skyrocketed. During her tenure as Speaker of The House, she incessantly referred to the unconstitutional Dream Act as “commonsense legislation” in an effort to “sell” the bill to the American People. October, 2013, MSNBC Online reporter Clare Kim stated that “Rep. Pelosi, Sens. Boxer and Feinstein will march……..for “common sense gun laws”. President Obama, April, 2013, ” We can pass “common sense laws to protect our kids…” The fact is, behind closed doors they decided to label their legislative initiatives as being “common sense” in a clear effort to draw attention away from the fact that they are most likely in direct conflict with our Constitution.

This is the kind of trickery that the Progressives are using these days; fortunately, our Forefathers gave us a Constitution to refer to and guide us. You see, Liberty, when it’s labeled “common sense”, people are naturally afraid to oppose it because if they do, they might find themselves a target for harassment, humiliation or ridicule. The Iron fist of Socialism or Authoritarian Progressivism does not like opposing ideas; especially when those opposing ideas will limit or minimize their power. Dare to speak out against them and you risk being defined as intolerant, hateful, ignorant or worse yet…racist.

The questions that I want all of America to be asking when we hear words like “common sense legislation” … are… “Is the proposed legislation Constitutional?” and “Whose liberty is at stake?”.

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