The Restoration of America

Dear Liberty; Dunce idiot

The Progressive is a misguided, gullible dunce with the political aptitude of a lemming. Progressivism is their  politics if not their religion; it is built upon a platform of foolishness with a limited understanding of human nature; then it’s sold to weak minded and incompetent, pseudo intellectuals who do little more than follow the mule in front of them and shout accolades for intellectual light weights like Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and yes, the current President of this republic; Barack Obama. 

These people support “Occupy” movements and wear silly masks in feeble attempts to conceal their identity; but occupy-idiots-150x150[1]the world sees who they are…they are those who despise the thought of the American Dream and are ashamed of American Exceptionalism because they neither understand the concept of “America” nor treasure the freedom that she offers. They have been deceived into believing that America has been too strong for too long…it is the enemy of democracy, Socialism, that has fooled them; and now the world is a mess because the fire of this republic has been quenched…rendering her much too weak to maintain the global stability that she once provided. The world is not a better place with a weak America; just take a look around the globe…it’s far worse than it was… and dangerously so. 

It is in my opinion that those who continue to support Barack Obama and his blatantly Socialist policies are people who have stopped loving or perhaps never loved America. They refuse to accept the utter and complete, dismal failure of this man’s policies and cannot see his evil designs. They are incapable of seeing that every, single decision that this President has made has been downright wrong for this republic and that his agenda has always been to destabilize this once great nation. His policies magnify his disdain for this republic and his unwillingness to correct his wrongs simply proves his determination to destroy her.  This man does not believe in the balance of power; he does not believe in the mission of Congress nor in his obligation to uphold the oath that he took to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America…taking that oath was his first lie as president and it’s been downhill ever since. 

So where do we go from here? We need to return to the basics…get back to our roots so to speak and startBreak the chains of tyranny applying the ideals and principles that our Founding Fathers laid out for us. Yes, they work; they have ALWAYS worked…right up until the very moment that the Progressives discovered dastardly ways to amend them to death..  And, once they did, the government grew out of control, the private sector shrank and America became weaker. These are facts, if you debate them you will surly find yourself on the wrong side of history.  

Don’t listen to any Progressive who spews the garbage that our founders “didn’t really want limited government”. They’re full of it or they just don’t understand the concept of liberty or perhaps they’re truly ignorant enough to believe that the government can solve all of their problems…well, that’s Socialism my friends and we don’t want it here! 

Here’s an idea; let’s return to the kind country that was strangled by a tyrant king or better yet, how about a Dictator! Let’s forget about the fact that we fought a revolution to break away from the very principles that the Progressives want us to return to…does that make any sense?  Well, this is the kind of garbage that they are trying to sell!  These policies have done wonders (sarcasm) for Venezuela, Mexico, the FORMER Soviet Union and Greece…the list goes on… it’s the politics of fools and a spawning ground for tyranny! 

When I heard Barack Obama say that he found our Constitution to be “too restrictive” and described it as a document that “put too many limits on the federal government”; I knew immediately what his plan was…he was O Tears Constitutionout to destroy this country. I shared this concern with everybody including my more “liberal” associations and all I got was “Doug, do you really believe this?” “Do you really think that America would elect someone who would do this? ” and, “I think it’s about time that we had a black president” and “Doug, this is a wakeup call for America”: WHAT WAKE UP CALL?  The wakeup call is NOW!  We are in a world of hurt because of the ignorant, banal, misguided assumption that just because someone desires to be President of the United States that they must automatically LOVE our country.  That view is as unreal as a Progressive’s fondness for freedom.  Has it ever occurred to them that someone might actually try so sabotage this republic from the inside?  HEY PROGRESSIVE! THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL!; it has happened and you can’t say that you weren’t warned. Please study our founding documents and work towards becoming a patriot rather than a sympathizer for Socialism; it’s much more fashionable and certainly more rewarding I can assure you…and you won’t have to wear that ridiculous mask anymore. 

We need to take this country back from the Progressive Socialists and here are 20 things that will get us off to a good start: 

  1. Repeal the 17th amendment; this will restore our indispensable system of “checks and balances ” and re-establish “states’ rights”. This was the original intent of our Founding Fathers.
  2. Stop illegal immigration, protect our borders and begin deporting; it’s less expensive than supporting them generation after generation. NO AMNESTY AT ALL EVER! We tried that in 1986 and it didn’t work…let’s not repeat a mistake.
  3. Require a picture ID at all voting stations. It’s not too expensive, they do it in India for heaven’s sake. If they can afford it, we sure as heck can.
  4. Defund the EPA, Department of Energy and any other agency that is not supported by Article 1 Section 8 of our Constitution; yes, that includes the Department of Education.
  5. Return the responsibility of educating our youth to the state and local levels. This will create competition for students at the local level and spawn an atmosphere that promotes education as an institution of true learning rather than a place where students are taught how to pass a standardized test.
  6. Seek complete energy independence through PRIVATE SECTOR efforts and ventures.
  7. Eliminate Capital Gains tax. This allows people to keep more of their returns on their investments which helps expand our economy and yes, this increases revenue for the federal Government…exponentially!.
  8. Lower our corporate tax rate; it is currently at 39.1%; the highest in the world. Lower it to 15% or even 20% and we will become a “destination” country, attracting businesses from the world over. The higher rate pushes companies abroad.
  9. When US companies want to return home, allow them to repatriate their funds with minimal (5%) or no penalties at all. We need their dollars home.
  10. Abolish the IRS and the current tax code and implement a Flat or Fair tax.
  11. Return programs that help the needy to the local and state level. This is OUR money, not the federal government’s; it gives them way too much power. No free rides either; everybody contributes. Everyone has worth and should contribute their skills to the community from which they are receiving their assistance. This enhances our connectivity to each other and can only be healthy for America.
  12. Encourage privatization of services at the state and local levels. Force vendors and people providing services to compete for tax dollars, saving millions over high paid salaries for state and local positions with bloated pensions and ludicrous Union protections.
  13. No tolerance for those who wish to inflict terror upon us. America needs to be strong…no one wants a fight with the most powerful nation in the world. Swift action against those who interfere with our way of life with financial penalties to be paid to the U.S. with the intent of restoring our armed forces to the level prior to the action.
  14. Institute swift Congressional action on the Executive Branch for “Executive Orders”. Executive orders should be limited to naming parks, pardoning turkeys, dedicating statues and the like. Congress should NEVER be bypassed; it is unfair to the people and is an impeachable offense. Congress was established for a reason.
  15. Term limits on Congress; 3 terms for the House, and Two for the Senate. No one should hold a seat hostage for decades. This in part would be corrected by the repeal of the 17th Amendment.
  16. Swift and immediate expulsion of Supreme Court Justices who display an activist agenda. Their decisions should not stem from their race, religion or gender. They are to make their decisions based on Constitutional interpretation derived from sources and documents that are dated closest to the drafting of our Constitution; original intent takes precedence in all matters.
  17. Congress must pass a balanced and fair budget or the members will receive no salary for the coming year. The American people should not be held hostage to the Progressive agenda of open ended continuing resolutions and debt ceiling raises. No budget; no pay.
  18. Both Houses should abide by the Enumerated Powers Act. If a legislation can’t be supported with an article and section of the Constitution then it has no business being on the floor of either house.
  19. No federal lands in any state. Each state is a sovereign entity and should have complete and utter jurisdiction, use and control of their minerals, forests, lands and other resources in a manner that is respectful to our environment.
  20. Members of Congress promoting any agenda that is not in harmony with the ideals, principles and intentions of our Constitution will be swiftly removed from office. This is to preserve the integrity, sanctity and longevity of this beloved republic. Our Constitution does not promote any form of Government other than a Representative Constitutional Republic. It is for this reason that that our elected officials are required by our Constitution to take an oath to protect and defend it. 

The Progressive ideology has corrupted a finely tuned machine by throwing the sands of Socialism into the well-oiled gears of our Constitutional Republic. They have tried to fool us into believing that our Constitution doesn’t work anymore by pinning their failures on our founding principles but they’re wrong…it’s like pouring water into the gas tank of your vehicle; then pointing out all of the damage that the water has done to your engine but blaming it on the gas. We need to be smarter than this.  We have to be educated and knowledgeable regarding what works and what doesn’t.  Capitalism works; Socialism doesn’t! The proof is in the failure of every nation that has tried it. 

Let’s end Progressive Socialism in America and take our country back to her roots by electing those who will truly support and defend our Constitution!                                       flag and eagle

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